Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Week 80 - LOVE

On the way home from the temple a couple months ago, sweet Linda asked me: "If you could sum up the gospel in one word what would it be?".....And my answer is "Love". That is what it comes down to. God loves us perfectly. And we are learning to love Him back, which leads us to love others. The beautiful simplicity of the gospel.

I love these people. And I love my Savior.

Okay! Okay!....I thought I wasn't going to write any more than a short testimony this week.  But you know how most people say that they saw more miracles the last week of their mission than ever? Although that was true - I also had more crazy adventure emergencies than any other week of my mission!! hahahahahaha. Of course!!!!! It was a blast and so crazy! Oh my! I will just list them really quick:

  1. Us and our Cars are being grounded in a couple minutes because this surprise snow storm is starting to hit. Hahahaha! Welcome to New England!
  2. We had to move all of our stuff to a new apartment, and that was crazy in itself.
  3. The second night in our new apartment, we hit the light to the basement, and it took out all the lights in half our apartment and the other apartments... what?.....And then our kitchen lights started controlling the rest of the building. huh?
  4. When we went to go check the breakers, surprise! There was a leak in the main water line streaming onto our dirt floor.
  5. Got it all fixed. But then we woke up the next morning. 65 degrees in our apartment. Got home that night 55. By 10:30 42 degrees. We had a maintenance guy there working on it for 3 hours and told him to just come back in the morning. Finally in the morning he figured out in the previous power fiasco the night before our burner switch got flipped.
  6. Amidst all of this, there was another leak and this crazy old sink downstairs filled over with water and was making another puddle! (Bless that maintenance guy.) But guess what!?...We gave him a Book of Mormon so its all good.
  7. Later this week, some members got us groceries! - so that was awesome! 
  8. Then we got pulled over for our lights being off...and Sister Ross didn't have her license with her! eek! But he was super cool and just had me drive.....then we ended up having a 10-minute conversation with him about the Book of Mormon standing on the side of the road and gave him one! Score!
  9. Yesterday we drove up to Maine to get Sister Bradely to take her to the airport because her visa came.
    1-hour there, and 1-hour back. Then we got to Manchester, she realized she still had the Maine Sisters' mobile phone....oh no! We took her to the airport, saw her off, and then had to change all our appointments and turn around and drive to Maine and back! Crazy, Crazy, stuff!
  10. And then some other just out of the ordinary things!....The life as a missionary is never boring.

Lots of great things happened too!!! 

I had a lot of wonderful farewell dinners with people I love a lot. 

We had some great lessons with people who are progressing and are really searching to know if this is true. 

Sister Ross and I laughed a ton and had a lot of fun together! 

 I love being a missionary! But even more than that, I love being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Because being a full time missionary comes to an end but living a life of discipleship and sharing that with others never does. 

Thank you all for your love and support and prayers. I have felt them. I can't wait to hug you all!!!!!!!

See you soon :)

Sister Brady

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