Monday, February 4, 2019

Week 79 - Lasts and Firsts...

Hello friends and family!!!!!!! 

It has been a great week here! The first thing I would like to say is that it is 60 degrees outside currently and it is amazing!

So this week and next week there are a lot of "lasts".....

Last Zone Conference, last MLC, last ZLC, last Stake Coordination.

Last exchanges...

The Sistrict Hermana Nichols, Sister Vogels, Hermana Barrus, Sister Callahan, me, Sister Ross, Sister Garnett

 Last dinners with people....

Last District Council with my district.....

The Concord District haha crazies. 
Manchester Hermanas, Canterbury Sisters, Zone Leaders, District Leader and Assistants

Last time seeing people I love. It is a beautiful thing because it means that there are so many wonderful experiences I have been able to learn and grow from and that I have learned what I have needed to from all these things.

This week there was a lot of good "Firsts" too... 

My first time celebrating fake Chinese New Year....

We thought it was Chinese New Year so we went and got Chinese food, it ended up not being Chinese food but its okay we still had a good time

...First time I have gone running in 60 degree weather in February, first time sleeping in our new apartment! (surprise we moved down the street!). 

....First time going to some boonie parts of our area:

First lesson with Joe and Jill! This super solid family!  

Jill made cookies that were soooo good so we sent her a picture of us eating them

First time having dinner with some members that had never fed us before because they wanted to say goodbye. 

For every door that closes, God opens another one. 

The area is doing great! Jared and Dana are preparing for baptism, we are finding and teaching some solid people that we love. Member work is going better than it ever has before. The biggest thing I want is to leave this area on a up-with people feeling the spirit and keeping the commitments that bring them closer to the Savior.

Missions are hard!....I'm cold and tired and at times I'm confused as to exactly what we should do next, but it's the best. You do your best to plan your days, and then you follow the Spirit and let God help things fall into place. I am excited and grateful for all the miracles that I know are going to happen this next week.

Sister Brady

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