Monday, January 21, 2019

Week 77 - Golden Truth and Silver Skies

Hellllllllllllooooooooooooooo Friends and Family!!

"cold Sister Brady with no make-up"

Well it is freezing here, but that's okay! Because the spirit is stronger than any frigid wind blowing outside me window. Seriously so cold. My hair froze this morning.

Yesterday church was cancelled and so we just went downstairs with the members that we live above and did the "Come Follow Me" with them and and it was really cool and we learned a lot from each other. I know this program is inspired and will bless individuals and families so much.

This week was pretty good. It was good to have some great spiritual experiences in Sharon, Vermont at the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial.

Heavenly Father knew I needed to come here to this mission for many reasons and one of them is to increase my testimony of the Prophet Joseph. I am so grateful for this location and for all the amazing experiences I have had there.

Okay so our mission does this thing when it is your last zone conference where you give your "Golden Truth" testimony. And since I go to all zone conferences, I got to choose what zone conference to do it and I decided to do this one at the Joseph Smith Memorial. A sister was so sweet and she recorded it, so I will try to send it. But it boils down to: The Gospel blesses families because it gives you family. There are people I have taught, ward members whom I have served, missionaries with whom I have interacted, and they have all become my family and I am so grateful for the bond that we can have as brothers and sisters and as spirit children of God.

Our people are progressing along. Some have expressed the desire to come to church but their meetings conflict. We are making some progress and have set up a couple more chapel tours. Dale is really awesome and we feel like he has a lot of potential. He is reading from the Book of Mormon well. Tim is also doing really great on his reading. I wish we could meet with both of them more. We have a consistent time to see Adam and Brittany, who are doing good and we are making sure we step it up with member involvement with them.

I am doing pretty well. From a health standpoint, I am starting to experience a couple of the symptoms that I did before - but not as bad. I am still worried. I have felt the sinus pressure and have had a few phases of exhaustion which caused me to lay down after I got ready for the day before 10am and then at lunch time and then just barely. I am mostly just annoyed with it because I have work to do haha.

A couple other big things this week:

  • IT IS FREEZING. Seriously you look outside and it just looks frozen and cold. 0 degrees this morning 6 degrees right now.
  • The cars were grounded so we walked to our lessons. We are only allowed to be out 20 minutes at a time.
"hi ho hi ho its off to work we go"
  • Shoveled some driveways, and had some fun.

  • New Missionary Trainer's Meeting and Zone Conference were to go to Vermont twice!

  • Had exchanges with the Canterbury and Montpelier sisters.

  • Have been on some crazy adventures Trying to fix Sister Ross' hair that didn't get dyed the right color. haha
  • THE FUNNIEST THING...we were on exchange and got ready in different States (I was in Montpelier, VT and Sister Ross was in NH) and we showed up to our exchange meeting with the same dress!
  • Tons more!
I love you all! BYE!

Love,  Sister Brady

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