Monday, January 14, 2019

Week 76 - I'm an Adult.....Weird!

Hello!...Thank you so much for all the great birthday wishes! I really am so grateful to have so many wonderful friends and family members!

My cutie birthday package from my cutie mom.....

I don't know if I have told you all about Claude-but he is in our ward and he is deaf. He is so sweet and literally the nicest person ever. He brings us random treats all the time. I interpret for him for the church meetings. And he got me a birthday card!!

And Sister Ross got me a doughnut!

This week was good, we just ran around finding and teaching and doing all the things we need to do!
Our main people that we are teaching right now are all attending different churches, so it is really hard to get them to come to our services! But that's good because it means that they are faithful people who love God!

I just wanted to share a brief testimony that God really does answer prayers. Sister Ross and I had a conversation about how we feel like we have had a more than usual amount of conversations with people that challenge our doctrine. But each time we have that, I have been able to come home and pray and ask God about that specific topic whether it be the Godhead, Prophets, The Book of Mormon, etc.......And always within the next 2-3 days, God has answered me and strengthened my testimony of that thing. He answers me sometimes through a scripture, through a line from the Preach my Gospel manual, a song that is playing, or a conversation with my companion. It has blown me away. As a missionary, the rate at which I get answers to my prayers is accelerated and it is really exciting.

I know sometimes answers don't come for weeks, or even years - so whatever you are praying about, keep having faith! I know the answer will come!

Love you all!!

Love, 21-year-old Sister Brady

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