Monday, January 7, 2019

Week 75 - We Ain't Slackin'


Guess what I'm wearing right now!?....That's right..Slacks! Weird weird weird! hahah! We have been on all these little expeditions to stores trying on all these styles but we finally got it figured out! was New Years this week. Which we didn't really do anything except make our little Facebook video with our fav Gam! We did this science experiment to teach about Repentance. Because repentance is forming a fresh view of yourself, God, and the World. And what better time than New Years to Repent!

Also, while we were doing some contact attempts this week, we knocked on this random door and it was this family from the Dominican Republic and they just invited us right in! We had a little party with them and they gave us all this food and they weren't even phased that they didn't know who we were! haha! So funny! I love other cultures.

Okay so this week!....It has been a good week. The transfer meeting was crazy with people being late, having like a million people there, and having new Elder assistants. But we survived!!!!!

Some good things are sprouting in my area. We are meeting some awesome people that we are focusing on to help them progress. Really the biggest thing is getting people to come to church. So I am praying and asking others for help on that.

We had exchange this week with Revere! And East Boston! I went to Revere with Hermana Wallace and it was fun.  And we went to this cool place where I was totally immersed in  the Hispanic culture and had the best tacos and a papusa!!! YUM!!! I am grateful for exchanges because I feel a lot of our relationship has come from exchanges.

Here are some pictures from the last time I did an exchange in Revere and we were on TV!...

I am excited about some of these people we are teaching. I am doing all I can to help them make and keep commitments. I have found myself being just a little bit more bold in lessons - which is good. I can be bold in finding, and I want to be even more sweetly bold in lessons.

Our last lunch with our friend Jack! Anyone at BYU - say hi to him!

Our investigators Adam and Brittany are realizing that our message could be true and it would make their lives change - so that is really cool. Tim is doing great and read all the way to 1 Nephi 11! We picked up as an investigator the son of a less-active family who had a previous baptism date and he wants to work towards baptism. We went and visited the family who the bishop had brought to the Sunday Dec 23rd Christmas program!...The Lemons! They are so cool. The bishop asked not to pressure and push them, so we were just really kind. We just shared a little new years message. They then called us afterwards and said they wanted to have us back and would love to ask some questions about our doctrine! Wahoo!! 

Also I just want to share how amazing prayer is whenever something comes up that brings any small doubts into your mind or shakes you a little. If you pray and ask God to reveal the truth to you - He always does! On my mission, it has always been within a few days of my prayer that I receive an answer. This is incredible to me. This week I had someone say some crazy things, I then prayed and by the next day I was listening to a super random conference talk that happened to talk about the exact subject! This confirmed the truth of it to me. I am so grateful that God hears and answers prayers!

Things are looking up! Pray for people to keep commitments and progress!

Sister Brady

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