Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Week 74 - Another Temple P-day???


We had another preparation day on Saturday because....***drum roll please***...... LINDA WENT TO THE TEMPLE! 

Wahoo! She decided she wanted to go so we whipped it together and went and did baptisms for her mom and dad! It was so beautiful. She is so cute! And it was a gorgeous day. And I felt that same feeling you can only feel in the temple.

Also Christmas just keeps giving because we got scarfs from Sister Blair! :)

And then for our surprise preparation day it was 50 degrees!!!!!! On December 29th!!!!! So we went for a hike-got lost a little of course. 

But God is so good because right as we got lost these random people showed up and showed us the right way and then let us teach them about the gospel as we hiked and slipped down the ice together!! haha!! It was a blast!

Hope you all had a great last week of 3 hour church! 

Love you! 

Sister Brady

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