Monday, January 28, 2019

Week 78 - Last Road Trip


It has been a good long week of zone conferences and travel up and back from Maine! It was really fun to have these last zone conferences in Exeter and Farmingdale. 

My Home Ward's Bishop Smart's Parents!

I finally feel like we were able to get our training session about Weekly Planning down a little bit more by the last time we had to do it. haha!.. I guess that is how it works! Also, at the end of the last zone conference President said some really nice things and asked me to bear my testimony (even though I already gave my Golden Truth testimony at another zone conference in Vermont last week). 

Then I had a lot of sweet sisters come up and want pictures and it was so cute!! I was really happy that night!

We had two exchanges this week-with Portsmouth and Farmington. The exchange with Portsmouth was fun! Sister Anderson and I were able to have some good conversations about finishing strong and some concerns she had. Our exchange with Farmington was great. We saw some awesome miracles and taught some amazing people. Sister Ward is so cute and it was fun to be with her again. And then that night sister Ross and I slept on the floor haha good memories.

Then we got to road trip back to NH! It was super fun! We stopped at had dinner at the Sunset Cafe: 

And listened to music and talked about life. And we drove through Bath!!!!!! Ah it was so fun! I pointed out all these street corners to Sister Ross and there was so many memories and it was so fun!!!

There was some awesome things in our area this week! Jared is on date to be baptized. He is a part member family, his dad is a member and his step mom that he lives with got baptized a few years ago. We are excited to keep teaching them. And THEY CAME TO CHURCH!! Wahoo!!! We were so excited!

Others that we are teaching, Dale, Adam and Brittany, Cassandra, Tim are all doing great. Still trying to figure out their conflicting schedules so we can get them all to church. We also got a great referral from a couple in our ward. There is a family that came to a funeral service at our church and then came to our ward Christmas party and now want to join the church! Haha ! We are excited to meet with them and teach them about what all that means. I am excited for the area this week! 

I am doing good and feeling good too. I just want to continue to strive to stay focused and have energy to sprint to the end. I did a little more MyPlan today and sent some boxes home so I'm not scrambling at the end. 

Even when we are out of our area for so many days the Lord still blesses the efforts we make! I am so grateful for the miracles that we have seen this week and look forward to another week of miracles!

Sister Brady

P.S. A Poem we wrote for Sister Blair's Birthday:
We wanted to write you a poem to say-
We love you and are grateful for you every day
From the time we first saw you as we came off the plane
You were holding those bright balloons and calling our name
Your smile so welcoming to our New England home
A hug "handshake" between you and your apron helps us never feel alone
Then off to the mission office to shake our trainers hand
You teach us to dig our toes deep in the sand 
To find those who are ready to hear of God's Son
And all the while to be obedient and have fun
You travel far and wide for interviews-oh what a strain
And sit with us in bitter cold chapels-way up in Maine
Then off to Vermont-the green mountain state
As we cheer you and president on in your friendly debate 
We gather and listen for mission counsel to hear 
Until he says something silly, followed by "Dear!"
You always win of course-because, you're the Queen
You both teach us what a righteous, happy marriage should mean
As you continue your journey your next stop is where? 
Massachusetts! to speak at a stake conference there 
After sniffles and sweet tears have all filled the room
From your heartfelt testimony-you're so spiritually in tune
Then back up to Maine, to Vermont, and New Hampshire-your job's never done
For a very "Blairy Christmas" -oh what fun!
With stories and trees and many many lights
You help us focus on the Savior so bright
You travel back to Manchester with hardly a rest 
And meet with 2 year old missionaries who have done their very best
Who now sit in the mission home-on their missions reflect 
We see from your example that obedience and love connect.

Of all of the words of love and respect we know how to give, 
You have changed our futures, and the way that we live. 

Happy Birthday Sister Blair

Monday, January 21, 2019

Week 77 - Golden Truth and Silver Skies

Hellllllllllllooooooooooooooo Friends and Family!!

"cold Sister Brady with no make-up"

Well it is freezing here, but that's okay! Because the spirit is stronger than any frigid wind blowing outside me window. Seriously so cold. My hair froze this morning.

Yesterday church was cancelled and so we just went downstairs with the members that we live above and did the "Come Follow Me" with them and and it was really cool and we learned a lot from each other. I know this program is inspired and will bless individuals and families so much.

This week was pretty good. It was good to have some great spiritual experiences in Sharon, Vermont at the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial.

Heavenly Father knew I needed to come here to this mission for many reasons and one of them is to increase my testimony of the Prophet Joseph. I am so grateful for this location and for all the amazing experiences I have had there.

Okay so our mission does this thing when it is your last zone conference where you give your "Golden Truth" testimony. And since I go to all zone conferences, I got to choose what zone conference to do it and I decided to do this one at the Joseph Smith Memorial. A sister was so sweet and she recorded it, so I will try to send it. But it boils down to: The Gospel blesses families because it gives you family. There are people I have taught, ward members whom I have served, missionaries with whom I have interacted, and they have all become my family and I am so grateful for the bond that we can have as brothers and sisters and as spirit children of God.

Our people are progressing along. Some have expressed the desire to come to church but their meetings conflict. We are making some progress and have set up a couple more chapel tours. Dale is really awesome and we feel like he has a lot of potential. He is reading from the Book of Mormon well. Tim is also doing really great on his reading. I wish we could meet with both of them more. We have a consistent time to see Adam and Brittany, who are doing good and we are making sure we step it up with member involvement with them.

I am doing pretty well. From a health standpoint, I am starting to experience a couple of the symptoms that I did before - but not as bad. I am still worried. I have felt the sinus pressure and have had a few phases of exhaustion which caused me to lay down after I got ready for the day before 10am and then at lunch time and then just barely. I am mostly just annoyed with it because I have work to do haha.

A couple other big things this week:

  • IT IS FREEZING. Seriously you look outside and it just looks frozen and cold. 0 degrees this morning 6 degrees right now.
  • The cars were grounded so we walked to our lessons. We are only allowed to be out 20 minutes at a time.
"hi ho hi ho its off to work we go"
  • Shoveled some driveways, and had some fun.

  • New Missionary Trainer's Meeting and Zone Conference were to go to Vermont twice!

  • Had exchanges with the Canterbury and Montpelier sisters.

  • Have been on some crazy adventures Trying to fix Sister Ross' hair that didn't get dyed the right color. haha
  • THE FUNNIEST THING...we were on exchange and got ready in different States (I was in Montpelier, VT and Sister Ross was in NH) and we showed up to our exchange meeting with the same dress!
  • Tons more!
I love you all! BYE!

Love,  Sister Brady

Monday, January 14, 2019

Week 76 - I'm an Adult.....Weird!

Hello!...Thank you so much for all the great birthday wishes! I really am so grateful to have so many wonderful friends and family members!

My cutie birthday package from my cutie mom.....

I don't know if I have told you all about Claude-but he is in our ward and he is deaf. He is so sweet and literally the nicest person ever. He brings us random treats all the time. I interpret for him for the church meetings. And he got me a birthday card!!

And Sister Ross got me a doughnut!

This week was good, we just ran around finding and teaching and doing all the things we need to do!
Our main people that we are teaching right now are all attending different churches, so it is really hard to get them to come to our services! But that's good because it means that they are faithful people who love God!

I just wanted to share a brief testimony that God really does answer prayers. Sister Ross and I had a conversation about how we feel like we have had a more than usual amount of conversations with people that challenge our doctrine. But each time we have that, I have been able to come home and pray and ask God about that specific topic whether it be the Godhead, Prophets, The Book of Mormon, etc.......And always within the next 2-3 days, God has answered me and strengthened my testimony of that thing. He answers me sometimes through a scripture, through a line from the Preach my Gospel manual, a song that is playing, or a conversation with my companion. It has blown me away. As a missionary, the rate at which I get answers to my prayers is accelerated and it is really exciting.

I know sometimes answers don't come for weeks, or even years - so whatever you are praying about, keep having faith! I know the answer will come!

Love you all!!

Love, 21-year-old Sister Brady

Monday, January 7, 2019

Week 75 - We Ain't Slackin'


Guess what I'm wearing right now!?....That's right..Slacks! Weird weird weird! hahah! We have been on all these little expeditions to stores trying on all these styles but we finally got it figured out! was New Years this week. Which we didn't really do anything except make our little Facebook video with our fav Gam! We did this science experiment to teach about Repentance. Because repentance is forming a fresh view of yourself, God, and the World. And what better time than New Years to Repent!

Also, while we were doing some contact attempts this week, we knocked on this random door and it was this family from the Dominican Republic and they just invited us right in! We had a little party with them and they gave us all this food and they weren't even phased that they didn't know who we were! haha! So funny! I love other cultures.

Okay so this week!....It has been a good week. The transfer meeting was crazy with people being late, having like a million people there, and having new Elder assistants. But we survived!!!!!

Some good things are sprouting in my area. We are meeting some awesome people that we are focusing on to help them progress. Really the biggest thing is getting people to come to church. So I am praying and asking others for help on that.

We had exchange this week with Revere! And East Boston! I went to Revere with Hermana Wallace and it was fun.  And we went to this cool place where I was totally immersed in  the Hispanic culture and had the best tacos and a papusa!!! YUM!!! I am grateful for exchanges because I feel a lot of our relationship has come from exchanges.

Here are some pictures from the last time I did an exchange in Revere and we were on TV!...

I am excited about some of these people we are teaching. I am doing all I can to help them make and keep commitments. I have found myself being just a little bit more bold in lessons - which is good. I can be bold in finding, and I want to be even more sweetly bold in lessons.

Our last lunch with our friend Jack! Anyone at BYU - say hi to him!

Our investigators Adam and Brittany are realizing that our message could be true and it would make their lives change - so that is really cool. Tim is doing great and read all the way to 1 Nephi 11! We picked up as an investigator the son of a less-active family who had a previous baptism date and he wants to work towards baptism. We went and visited the family who the bishop had brought to the Sunday Dec 23rd Christmas program!...The Lemons! They are so cool. The bishop asked not to pressure and push them, so we were just really kind. We just shared a little new years message. They then called us afterwards and said they wanted to have us back and would love to ask some questions about our doctrine! Wahoo!! 

Also I just want to share how amazing prayer is whenever something comes up that brings any small doubts into your mind or shakes you a little. If you pray and ask God to reveal the truth to you - He always does! On my mission, it has always been within a few days of my prayer that I receive an answer. This is incredible to me. This week I had someone say some crazy things, I then prayed and by the next day I was listening to a super random conference talk that happened to talk about the exact subject! This confirmed the truth of it to me. I am so grateful that God hears and answers prayers!

Things are looking up! Pray for people to keep commitments and progress!

Sister Brady

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Week 74 - Another Temple P-day???


We had another preparation day on Saturday because....***drum roll please***...... LINDA WENT TO THE TEMPLE! 

Wahoo! She decided she wanted to go so we whipped it together and went and did baptisms for her mom and dad! It was so beautiful. She is so cute! And it was a gorgeous day. And I felt that same feeling you can only feel in the temple.

Also Christmas just keeps giving because we got scarfs from Sister Blair! :)

And then for our surprise preparation day it was 50 degrees!!!!!! On December 29th!!!!! So we went for a hike-got lost a little of course. 

But God is so good because right as we got lost these random people showed up and showed us the right way and then let us teach them about the gospel as we hiked and slipped down the ice together!! haha!! It was a blast!

Hope you all had a great last week of 3 hour church! 

Love you! 

Sister Brady