Thursday, December 27, 2018

Week 73 - Blairy Christmas!!! The Best Christmas Present Ever!!

Hello!!......So I just wrote a couple days ago so this probably won't be too long. But I'll tell you about the fun things that happened.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for that Temple experience with Tom. It was the best day of my life!..Really. We got to be with ward members that I love so much.....The Fairchilds!!! And the Blackwells!! 

Everyone, I wish I could put into words the feeling there in the baptistery. There was nobody there... at first not even ordinance workers! After we changed an ordinance worker came to witness and Brother Blackwell was the recorder and Sister Anderson gave towels. It was so intimate with just our little group. While I was in the entrance to the dressing room it finally hit me....I was in the temple with Tom! Doing baptisms for Linda and Cooper......which is the whole reason he even considered spirituality. I just started crying. The spirit in my heart was pure light and joy and love. The baptistery was so peaceful. Tom baptized Sister Gong for Linda and then was baptized for Cooper. It was amazing to see him dressed in white going under the water. I just sat there and cried happy tears. And we could feel Cooper there, I have never felt that that strong before. Tom has decided to wait to confirm Linda so he can do it himself in a year. So sweet. It was incredible.

It is so interesting leaving the temple and going back into the world - and I'm just going back into mission world not even the "real world" haha but it was unexpected. Still a lot of stuff we are working through in our area of the vineyard.

Sunday was the special Sacrament Meeting. President and Sister Blair came and spoke! It was good as far as the ward members bringing people! Sadly....only Dana came out of all those we committed to come, I am trying so hard to figure out how to help people come and progress. 
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were great, our ward took really good care of us and we build some stronger ward relations.

Christmas Eve we went and sang at a rest home with our district!!! It was a blast!! 

Then we made our Christmas Cookie video!....

 But.... while they were cooking we got a call from a sister missionary who was struggling and got talking to her and we totally burned our cookies!!!! hahhaha

Then we went and to the Fontaine's and then the Shield's took us out FOR CHINESE FOOD ON CHRISTMAS! FA RA RA RA RA RA RA RA RA! haha!!!!....Then we went to the Larsen's!

On Christmas morning we ran all over the place:
  • We went the Hansen's and had gingerbread pancakes! 
  • Then to the Whitneys and Sister Ross did her call. 
  • Then the Larsens again for my call home with my Family! 

It was SO FUN TO SEE MY CUTE FAMILY! They put on ski goggles and sang "All I want for Christmas is you!" hahahah!!!!! They are all so great! 

The more exposure I have to more families the more I realize that our family really is so special and I am so so grateful for them!

We then went to the Casey's, then the Foleys, then the Assistants and us put on all black clothes and beanies and gloves and ding-dong ditched President and Sister Blair and left them some gifts. Haha!! It was so funny!.....We rang and ran and hid in the bushes then they came to chase us and we ran and hid under their deck and then went to run down the street so they could catch us. They brought us inside and we got to spend the rest of the evening with them and it was super fun!

Hard thing right now.....Dana and Bishop Earnshaw talked with each other and Dana thinks he is getting baptized on Sunday January 6th. But his wife's health has prevented us from having any lessons, and he needs to get re-interviewed and the 6th is a Sunday. We are trying to take care of it. It is a sticky situation.. 

We are trying to get consistent contact with those we have picked up as new people. So that will be a big focus this next week. 


Sister Brady

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