Monday, December 10, 2018

Week 71 - Running Away from our Problems


So this week was just one of those weeks that was really long and not a lot of things go your way. But you know-it's alright!...Because I know there will be better weeks and its all going to work out.

Friendly Beasts 

But today to cope with everything we went for a run! In the middle of preparation day!! We were both SO excited and it was so fun but so cold and I couldn't run far because I am way out of shape but it was great! haha

Matching Running Shoes!

 Most of the week we didn't find a ton.....until an awesome miracle Sunday night which was really cool! We went caroling, and most people were kind of annoyed/rude about it, but the last house we went to was a former member named Sandra. The first time we met her had been a total miracle! Anyway, Sandra and her family were so excited to see us and let us in and we picked up half the of the family! So that was good!

Gam went Caroling with us 

We had some people commit to coming to church and then not show up, so that was a bummer. A lot of other people that we found just aren't progressing very much and it is discouraging. I hope that we can turn a corner soon. We are still finding a lot, but I would like to find Scattered Israel and help gather them and help them progress.

We had exchanges with Portsmouth and Hanover. I went to Portsmouth with Sister Reynolds. I also got to see Tom and that was fun! Our exchange with Hanover went great. Sister Forbes came here to Bedford!

Follow up training went great! It was a really fun training and a good group. There is some good new missionaries. 

We trained on the commitment pattern, the teaching wheel and finding. And we were all laughing and talking and giving comments and it was a blast! I liked giving those training sessions! 

We also got to go to the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial to talk to people and we met WAY more non-members than last time and it was so fun!!! I got to talk to a bunch of great families. And even a family from the Exeter ward which was awesome!

Brother Sypher!!! The BEST best member and lives in South Royalton.
He serves at the Joseph Smith Memorial a lot!

Our investigators are doing alright. Dana is doing okay. We want to make sure he is ready for his interview, his work, and his going to school in Boston - which will make it hard to meet - so we are using F.B the best we can. He understands that it is hard and he is still set on baptism. Jayne didn't come to church last minute which was a bummer. Johanna and Rahmel didn't come to church either and really didn't have a reason. We are finding a lot of cool people but they aren't going very far. Sister Ross and I are trying to find out how to help them more and what we can change.

There are times I feel kind of lonely - but that is natural sometimes so it's okay. I have spent a lot of time on my knees. It is truly becoming where I find the most comfort. Its really cool actually. I have found that times on my mission like this, is when I really feel that God is my best friend. I really do find relief by kneeling down and talking to Him in prayer. It is such a basic thing that we teach people, but the act of praying is SO incredibly important in our life. I am so grateful that we have an all knowing and perfect creator of our Spirits who wants us to communicate with Him. And He gave us our Savior, Jesus Christ so we can communicate with Him. 

I just pray the Lord will help our efforts become enough, in all the places in which we are trying to focus. 

Love, Sister Brady


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