Monday, December 3, 2018

Week 70 - "They should go to the temple" + HAPPY DECEMBER!


It has been a busy busy week. I got pretty stressed there for a minute between exchanges, district council, Mission Leadership Conference(MLC), Zone Leadership Conference(ZLC), the Creche and Caroling, but its okay now!

We actually got two referrals from members the last couple weeks so that was exciting!

MLC was really cool. We had Area Authority Elder Haynie and his wife come. He talked about working smarter not just harder (just like the last two general authorities that came... hmm... haha). He also talked about gathering Scattered Israel. And the "believing blood". 

Sister Ross and I have talked about how as we are finding now, we continue to talk to everyone of course, but have these cool little internal inquiries on if this person we are talking to is part of 'Scattered Isreal".

The Creche and Carols went well! The ward said that they had the most people they have ever seen on Friday night. Sister Smith and the Bishop said that they attribute it to the Facebook page we did -which made me so happy and that we made them proud and it worked out! 

We had people from Maine, Massachusetts, and all over New Hampshire. We even had some random people that we had invited in Family Dollar and on the streets! All the nativities were beautiful!!!! And I got to see Tom!!! Oh it was the best ever! He got to meet a bunch of my friends here. And fun fact: He and Gam were baptized the same day!!! 

GAM!!!! OH MY SHE IS THE BEST! she was baptized a month ago in the other ward and comes out teaching with us and is going to college in Utah soon. She is incredible. Miracle! She's my bestie out here!

Sister Ross is so great, she is a great teacher and a great finder and an overall amazing missionary. 

The beginning of this week she got a blessing of comfort and counsel. It was a pretty big and stressful week but she is doing a great job. She really misses speaking Portuguese, but there are cool little miracles like people on Facebook and the Spanish sisters finding Portuguese people! We had a couple fun moments this week where we got laughing pretty hard, we were also super tired though by the time we got to Sunday! 

We went and got Thai food today!!!!! (also they were playing Micheal Buble's Christmas Album there.. not even mad)

I just hope we have the time and ability to do all the lessons, coordinating, and light the world activities we have planned! 

Don't know why these next pictures are blurry, but these are our boards we worked SO hard on for Creche and Carols. One we had people write service ideas and put them on the tree. and the second is a light the world calendar with ideas!

As for our teaching pool they are doing well! We are just praying and working our hardest to give each of them the attention they need! We taught Dana about tithing and The Word of Wisdom this week and he accepted it well! He has goals to go to the temple and talks about it often so that is great! We just want him to receive a personal spiritual witness of The Restoration even more fully.
It was so funny- they have two parakeets and they started pecking at each other during the middle of our lesson, and we were making all these jokes that they were having relationship problems that they need to work out, and Dana said: "They need to go to the Temple"...haahaha!....because he knows that that blesses families and helps relationships! 

We are teaching more families than I have ever taught before! I love it! I have always wanted to teach families! It is a little more pressure but it is fun! Johanna and Rahmel, William and is girls, Brittany and Adam and kids, Pete and Brittany and kids, Lucy and her kids. The gospel blesses families and individuals!!! 

We are excited for Christmas here! Pray that we can keep up with all we have planned and scheduled! 

Sister Brady
Laura!!!! We went and sang to her and a bunch of people in a rest home!

We lit the world and donated today!!!!! All the clothes of Sisters Past!

Lunch with our fav Sister Whatcott

My bed with the CLASSY pillowcase that Sister Vogel gave me!

Wow!... New England made me a cookie!

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