Thursday, December 27, 2018

Week 73 - Blairy Christmas!!! The Best Christmas Present Ever!!

Hello!!......So I just wrote a couple days ago so this probably won't be too long. But I'll tell you about the fun things that happened.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for that Temple experience with Tom. It was the best day of my life!..Really. We got to be with ward members that I love so much.....The Fairchilds!!! And the Blackwells!! 

Everyone, I wish I could put into words the feeling there in the baptistery. There was nobody there... at first not even ordinance workers! After we changed an ordinance worker came to witness and Brother Blackwell was the recorder and Sister Anderson gave towels. It was so intimate with just our little group. While I was in the entrance to the dressing room it finally hit me....I was in the temple with Tom! Doing baptisms for Linda and Cooper......which is the whole reason he even considered spirituality. I just started crying. The spirit in my heart was pure light and joy and love. The baptistery was so peaceful. Tom baptized Sister Gong for Linda and then was baptized for Cooper. It was amazing to see him dressed in white going under the water. I just sat there and cried happy tears. And we could feel Cooper there, I have never felt that that strong before. Tom has decided to wait to confirm Linda so he can do it himself in a year. So sweet. It was incredible.

It is so interesting leaving the temple and going back into the world - and I'm just going back into mission world not even the "real world" haha but it was unexpected. Still a lot of stuff we are working through in our area of the vineyard.

Sunday was the special Sacrament Meeting. President and Sister Blair came and spoke! It was good as far as the ward members bringing people! Sadly....only Dana came out of all those we committed to come, I am trying so hard to figure out how to help people come and progress. 
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were great, our ward took really good care of us and we build some stronger ward relations.

Christmas Eve we went and sang at a rest home with our district!!! It was a blast!! 

Then we made our Christmas Cookie video!....

 But.... while they were cooking we got a call from a sister missionary who was struggling and got talking to her and we totally burned our cookies!!!! hahhaha

Then we went and to the Fontaine's and then the Shield's took us out FOR CHINESE FOOD ON CHRISTMAS! FA RA RA RA RA RA RA RA RA! haha!!!!....Then we went to the Larsen's!

On Christmas morning we ran all over the place:
  • We went the Hansen's and had gingerbread pancakes! 
  • Then to the Whitneys and Sister Ross did her call. 
  • Then the Larsens again for my call home with my Family! 

It was SO FUN TO SEE MY CUTE FAMILY! They put on ski goggles and sang "All I want for Christmas is you!" hahahah!!!!! They are all so great! 

The more exposure I have to more families the more I realize that our family really is so special and I am so so grateful for them!

We then went to the Casey's, then the Foleys, then the Assistants and us put on all black clothes and beanies and gloves and ding-dong ditched President and Sister Blair and left them some gifts. Haha!! It was so funny!.....We rang and ran and hid in the bushes then they came to chase us and we ran and hid under their deck and then went to run down the street so they could catch us. They brought us inside and we got to spend the rest of the evening with them and it was super fun!

Hard thing right now.....Dana and Bishop Earnshaw talked with each other and Dana thinks he is getting baptized on Sunday January 6th. But his wife's health has prevented us from having any lessons, and he needs to get re-interviewed and the 6th is a Sunday. We are trying to take care of it. It is a sticky situation.. 

We are trying to get consistent contact with those we have picked up as new people. So that will be a big focus this next week. 


Sister Brady

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Week 72/73 - I Broke Down and Drove to the Airport... then Came Back for Christmas Conferences ;)


We got to be Santa's helpers!

Surprise! It is Saturday and I am writing. Weird huh? But it is because:...I AM GOING TO THE TEMPLE WITH TOM TODAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is going to do baptisms for Linda and Cooper. Oh my goodness this is amazing! It was a crazy long complicated process to get me to be able to go but here it is!

This morning is crazy because we got up, ran because it is 60 DEGREES HERE!!!....WHAT THE GLADSOME TIDINGS!!?!? Craziness. Then got ready so fast. Drove to the church, and then broke into president's office to email. We have and 8 year old Daniel, that we taught the lessons to, who is getting baptized today, then we are booking it to Portsmouth to meet at the Gongs. Sister Ross and Sister Reynolds are going to spend the day in Portsmouth and Sister Anderson and I will go to the temple with the Gongs, Blackwells, and Fairchilds! Wahoo!

Soooooooo so much has happened since I last wrote. Hopefully the pictures sent will tell you a lot about all the fun stuff! We had 4 exchanges and a Christmas conference in Maine...

...and a Christmas conference in Vermont:

We put 450 miles on our car in two days. TWO DAYS!!! What in the world!?? Lots of time in the car.

Our faces because we were way stressed out.....

... and our car is a mess!!

We have done a ton of light the world activities - which have been fun but sometimes quite overwhelming. But it has been good to do nice little things for other people and spend some quality time with them.

Okay. So we had a lot of exchanges since I have written. Lowell, Revere, Farmingdale, and Canterbury. I was with Sister Larsen in Lowell. Revere was really good for me! haha!

I WAS ON TV!! hahah!  We were on the Local television station in Revere, Massachusetts when I was on exchange with Hermana Hyatt. 

We sang and it was so fun haha we didn't sound very good but it was a blast! 

Hermana Hyatt and I such a fun day. We had one of the funnest power hours of finding and it was great! 

Farmingdale was a great fun short exchange. I was with Sister Hyde.  

Canterbury is doing pretty good! I was with Sister Callahan and it was awesome!

Now to explain my title.........The airport thing was when I was in Revere I was driving and didn't know where I was going because we were in EAST BOSTON (yes....Boston!) and I was in the wrong lane and ended up driving through the airport!! haha!!! It was so funny and we were crackin' jokes the whole time. 

A lot has happened in the last week and a half. I am doing a lot better now, but last week was really hard for me and I had an emotional crash. I was just very discouraged about how things were not going how I thought or felt they should. I know everything doesn't always go how we envision it, but I was feeling that very little was my way. I felt discontent with the work I had tried to do in the area this far. Those we are teaching are not progressing, and it is so hard to get consistent meetings with them. Dana did not pass his baptismal interview, and I was nervous about it and was praying for a miracle. He agreed with everything we taught, but doesn't have that true conversion yet. I think he may get baptized in January now... but he still needs to have a refresher course on some things.

Becasue Dana didn't pass his baptismal interview, I felt like I let him down, my companion, my ward, President Blair, and the mission. And then a lot of the #LightTheWorld plans I had made didn't turn out how I envisioned either, so I was disappointed. I just want to be a better leader, companion, daughter, friend, and missionary, and I felt like I just wasn't making the cut. I lost my light for a couple days.

But then it led to some good contemplation about why I chose to come on a mission in the first place. It wasn't to execute perfect booths, it wasn't to become a master scheduler, and it wasn't to impress anyone. It is because I know I have experienced the healing power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It is because I love my Savior and I know what His love can do for our hearts. And I know the perspective and richness of life that comes when we do our best to follow Him, even when we stumble and fall along the way. It has brought a much greater focus on Christ back into the efforts I put forth each day.

Bless Sister Ross for being with me through that. I know she still really misses her language and wants people to progress so badly. We do have a lot of fun and laugh a lot though so that is good. We are also learning a rap about the restoration!...So stay tuned!

As for this week, we did a TON of #LightTheWorld activities:

Present wrapping/caroling booth outside of walmart for # LightTheWorld!

We wrapped Book of Mormons and then hid them around town with a note that said "Take me" 

Writing letters to Postal Workers with Linda!

Making cookies with our returning member Sister Chapman!

Making cookies for our "Ward Family Reunion" with the youth. 

 We also had our Christmas conferences all over the place and found people along the way and are trying to teach them! We had some wonderful Christmas celebrations and we loved it!!

Hermana Allen and I remembering the good ol' days in Keene

Sister Foote, Sister Me, Sister Tobler and Sister Ward

It was SO FUN to just sing and laugh. Sister Blair read a story and we had a nice meal and then had a sing-along. I haven't had that much fun in a long time and it was SO great. (I do have fun a lot, but that was just extra special) It was a blast because I got to go to two conferences and I didn't even have to do any training. haha!

Brother Sypher!

As far as others in our teaching pool: Jayne has been really hard to meet with but is planning on coming on the 23rd.  Adam and Brittany are awesome, growing in interest in the Book of Mormon. 

Linda is doing great! One thing though while I was on exchange, she told the Sisters that she finally decided on a temple date! And she wants to go the last week of December......... sooooo.... I don't know what that means for my eligibility to go because I get to go with Tom, but it will be so great for her!


Sister Brady

Monday, December 10, 2018

Week 71 - Running Away from our Problems


So this week was just one of those weeks that was really long and not a lot of things go your way. But you know-it's alright!...Because I know there will be better weeks and its all going to work out.

Friendly Beasts 

But today to cope with everything we went for a run! In the middle of preparation day!! We were both SO excited and it was so fun but so cold and I couldn't run far because I am way out of shape but it was great! haha

Matching Running Shoes!

 Most of the week we didn't find a ton.....until an awesome miracle Sunday night which was really cool! We went caroling, and most people were kind of annoyed/rude about it, but the last house we went to was a former member named Sandra. The first time we met her had been a total miracle! Anyway, Sandra and her family were so excited to see us and let us in and we picked up half the of the family! So that was good!

Gam went Caroling with us 

We had some people commit to coming to church and then not show up, so that was a bummer. A lot of other people that we found just aren't progressing very much and it is discouraging. I hope that we can turn a corner soon. We are still finding a lot, but I would like to find Scattered Israel and help gather them and help them progress.

We had exchanges with Portsmouth and Hanover. I went to Portsmouth with Sister Reynolds. I also got to see Tom and that was fun! Our exchange with Hanover went great. Sister Forbes came here to Bedford!

Follow up training went great! It was a really fun training and a good group. There is some good new missionaries. 

We trained on the commitment pattern, the teaching wheel and finding. And we were all laughing and talking and giving comments and it was a blast! I liked giving those training sessions! 

We also got to go to the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial to talk to people and we met WAY more non-members than last time and it was so fun!!! I got to talk to a bunch of great families. And even a family from the Exeter ward which was awesome!

Brother Sypher!!! The BEST best member and lives in South Royalton.
He serves at the Joseph Smith Memorial a lot!

Our investigators are doing alright. Dana is doing okay. We want to make sure he is ready for his interview, his work, and his going to school in Boston - which will make it hard to meet - so we are using F.B the best we can. He understands that it is hard and he is still set on baptism. Jayne didn't come to church last minute which was a bummer. Johanna and Rahmel didn't come to church either and really didn't have a reason. We are finding a lot of cool people but they aren't going very far. Sister Ross and I are trying to find out how to help them more and what we can change.

There are times I feel kind of lonely - but that is natural sometimes so it's okay. I have spent a lot of time on my knees. It is truly becoming where I find the most comfort. Its really cool actually. I have found that times on my mission like this, is when I really feel that God is my best friend. I really do find relief by kneeling down and talking to Him in prayer. It is such a basic thing that we teach people, but the act of praying is SO incredibly important in our life. I am so grateful that we have an all knowing and perfect creator of our Spirits who wants us to communicate with Him. And He gave us our Savior, Jesus Christ so we can communicate with Him. 

I just pray the Lord will help our efforts become enough, in all the places in which we are trying to focus. 

Love, Sister Brady


Monday, December 3, 2018

Week 70 - "They should go to the temple" + HAPPY DECEMBER!


It has been a busy busy week. I got pretty stressed there for a minute between exchanges, district council, Mission Leadership Conference(MLC), Zone Leadership Conference(ZLC), the Creche and Caroling, but its okay now!

We actually got two referrals from members the last couple weeks so that was exciting!

MLC was really cool. We had Area Authority Elder Haynie and his wife come. He talked about working smarter not just harder (just like the last two general authorities that came... hmm... haha). He also talked about gathering Scattered Israel. And the "believing blood". 

Sister Ross and I have talked about how as we are finding now, we continue to talk to everyone of course, but have these cool little internal inquiries on if this person we are talking to is part of 'Scattered Isreal".

The Creche and Carols went well! The ward said that they had the most people they have ever seen on Friday night. Sister Smith and the Bishop said that they attribute it to the Facebook page we did -which made me so happy and that we made them proud and it worked out! 

We had people from Maine, Massachusetts, and all over New Hampshire. We even had some random people that we had invited in Family Dollar and on the streets! All the nativities were beautiful!!!! And I got to see Tom!!! Oh it was the best ever! He got to meet a bunch of my friends here. And fun fact: He and Gam were baptized the same day!!! 

GAM!!!! OH MY SHE IS THE BEST! she was baptized a month ago in the other ward and comes out teaching with us and is going to college in Utah soon. She is incredible. Miracle! She's my bestie out here!

Sister Ross is so great, she is a great teacher and a great finder and an overall amazing missionary. 

The beginning of this week she got a blessing of comfort and counsel. It was a pretty big and stressful week but she is doing a great job. She really misses speaking Portuguese, but there are cool little miracles like people on Facebook and the Spanish sisters finding Portuguese people! We had a couple fun moments this week where we got laughing pretty hard, we were also super tired though by the time we got to Sunday! 

We went and got Thai food today!!!!! (also they were playing Micheal Buble's Christmas Album there.. not even mad)

I just hope we have the time and ability to do all the lessons, coordinating, and light the world activities we have planned! 

Don't know why these next pictures are blurry, but these are our boards we worked SO hard on for Creche and Carols. One we had people write service ideas and put them on the tree. and the second is a light the world calendar with ideas!

As for our teaching pool they are doing well! We are just praying and working our hardest to give each of them the attention they need! We taught Dana about tithing and The Word of Wisdom this week and he accepted it well! He has goals to go to the temple and talks about it often so that is great! We just want him to receive a personal spiritual witness of The Restoration even more fully.
It was so funny- they have two parakeets and they started pecking at each other during the middle of our lesson, and we were making all these jokes that they were having relationship problems that they need to work out, and Dana said: "They need to go to the Temple"...haahaha!....because he knows that that blesses families and helps relationships! 

We are teaching more families than I have ever taught before! I love it! I have always wanted to teach families! It is a little more pressure but it is fun! Johanna and Rahmel, William and is girls, Brittany and Adam and kids, Pete and Brittany and kids, Lucy and her kids. The gospel blesses families and individuals!!! 

We are excited for Christmas here! Pray that we can keep up with all we have planned and scheduled! 

Sister Brady
Laura!!!! We went and sang to her and a bunch of people in a rest home!

We lit the world and donated today!!!!! All the clothes of Sisters Past!

Lunch with our fav Sister Whatcott

My bed with the CLASSY pillowcase that Sister Vogel gave me!

Wow!... New England made me a cookie!