Monday, November 26, 2018

Week 69 - "We're gonna light this place up" -Sister Blair

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

This week was good! We found a lot of new people again! We just want to keep them all and help them progress so we don't just pick people up and not help them progress.

Good news!...Jayne and Dana came to church!!!!!! Dana is on date for the end of December! Please pray for him! 

We had an incredible lesson with Jayne! She pointed out that she felt the spirit and she said she wanted to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and she wanted to find out for herself by the Spirit!... What!?...It is like right out of the Preach My Gospel manual! And then she loved church!!!

We got to go to the Joseph Smith Birthplace memorial for the Christmas Lights lighting ceremony! 

President pulled some strings and made it so that was the night we happened to be volunteering there! They light it up like Temple Square! It was SO COLD! But really fun! We got to talk to people as they came through the visitor's center and gave them doughnuts and hot chocolate. We mostly only met members. But tender mercy....the Atwater family from Topsham came!!!  I was there with them a year ago! Wow! It felt like seeing family again. So special!

We had a fun staff meeting today!....haha...kind of fun I guess. It is so amazing how much work goes into running a mission. All this so we can see the miracles of people coming to Christ and see their lives change when they turn towards Him!

Thanksgiving was great! But I am the absolute worst!!!..I didn't take any pictures!!! (arrgg) We went with the Springers (Dana and his family) We then had a second meal at the Reicher's. Then had dessert with the office couples. 

We then took the Larsen's granddaughter and went finding at Walmart because we weren't allowed to knock on doors. Most stores were closed but Walmart was craziness! We had a dance party with this one lady and then prayed with this African couple. It was a blast! haha! 

I had a little teaching moment with the Spirit the other day: we have a person we are teaching that had questions about faith and works. So I was studying about that and I learned that as we strive to keep the commandments and serve others, we don't do so only because we are concerned about the eternal state of our soul, but because when we turn to Christ, our hearts change and we desire to keep the commandments - I thought that was really cool.

I Love You all!!

Love, Sister Brady

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