Sunday, November 4, 2018

Week 67 - IT'S ALL WORTH IT!

Hello! So I am writing Saturday instead if Monday because we went to the temple with the Foleys today and had to change my preparation day. 

WOW. It was an amazing week!!! We spent a lot of time in the car with our road trips, but so many amazing things happened!  

So we started out the week with a pretty normal preparation day, then we had Mission Leadership Council (MLC) and didn't leave the church until 8:15pm because of the Trunk-or-Treat.

We then had to settle everything to help out a sister missionary that we had to help get ready to go home early. We are going to miss her. She looked so tired and so sad to be leaving. We continue to pray for her.

But that night we had an awesome miracle! Johanna and her family came to the Trunk or Treat and they LOVED it! They were so excited to come to church on Sunday. And they made some great connections with the ward members, and I actually got to make some great connections with the ward members too!

Then deep clean Halloween!!! Wow, Sisters have left SO MUCH STUFF in this apartment. It was terrible!!!

Then we stayed with the Yarmouth Sisters and had Zone conference! It was fun to see a lot of people! Afterwords though we had to stay for a long time talking to and listening and helping Sisters that are having a hard time. I love them.

On the way home, Sister Holmes and I were so tired we had to pull over and take a little bit of dinner hour to take a nap. I still feel some exhaustion about once or twice a day and have a lot of head pressure. Sister Holmes is still coughing but a lot less frequent and deep. I am going to the Dr. Again on Monday.

We got to finally see Linda since her baptism! We were worried because we hadn't seen her in a while cause we were in Maine. But guess what?! While we were gone, the ward took care of her! She was invited over to do family history and got her names for her family!!!!! Exactly how it is supposed to be! And she shared her journal entries from her baptism and confirmation day and they were so sweet. 

She shared with us as she was sitting in the parking lot right before her baptism that she prayed and then randomly opened her scriptures, and this is what she was led to:

Philippians 1:6 - "Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ."

 Amazing!! She said she feels so light and happy. And she has always been full of light and joy, but now she has a beautiful peace about her. Oh my it is amazing! I love her so much!

Then today WAS THE BEST DAY! Really! Between this Saturday and last Saturday..... I could just cry. Everyone, all we strive and try to do really does make a difference in people's lives. And it is because it is God's plan and He consecrated our efforts and is kind enough to let us be part in His work of bringing to pass immortality and eternal life of His children.

This morning went to the temple with Brother and Sister Foley for their first time. And tender mercy, their best friends from the church just happened to be there! And Sister Stevenson was there and helped them so wonderfully! And then Sister Holmes and I sat there hugging each other as Brother Foley exercised the priesthood for the first time and baptized his wife in the temple font. And afterwords he expressed that doing those baptisms he felt the joy of his own baptism return.

And then we drove to Portsmouth and saw MY WARD FAMILY. Because I consider the Portsmouth Ward my ward family. And I could cry because TOM FALK IS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!

Jacob Gong and Tom

 Ben Gong, Tom's Siblings: Don, Peg, Anne. TOM! Sue Gong, Jacob Gong, Brian Gong, Gloria Jean Gong and her daughter.

He looked so happy. I truly desire salvation for him and I still can't believe this at is real! Those people are so wonderful and everyone was fantastic and it was so good to see them. And I just love Tom so much. Brian was there too and he is also all baptized and confirmed and doing well!!

Afterwords we were sitting there and Brian pointed out how amazing it is that in the baptismal ordinance the first line after their name is stated is: "Having been commissioned of Jesus Christ"...and he pointed out how extremely powerful that is. And it is. 

I cried holding these...... 
Brian's baptism program, Tom's Baptism program and a picture of Linda's Baptism!

 God is good. This work is real. I love these people. IT'S ALL WORTH IT! 

Sister Brady 

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