Monday, October 29, 2018

Week 66 - LINDA IS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!! :D

EVERYONE LINDA IS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love her so much.

It was a beautiful service and she was so happy and just glowing! There was so many wonderful people there to support her and it is all wonderful! And we had them all write little notes to her and we put them in a photo album and printed off little pictures that we took that day and gave it to her.

 On Sunday she told me that she felt like she was feeling the Holy Ghost prompting her even more. Ah!!...and her setting apart blessing was BEAUTIFUL!! In her blessing she was blessed that she would serve in the temple!!!! So happy! 

We got to go to dinner with her too Saturday night and just talked and laughed and connected and loved. I have such a testimony of "Gospel Sociality" and how wonderful and beautiful it is! 

We also have Dana on date now! He is the dad of a part member family, and is doing awesome reading and studying and prayer. We are really excited to keep working with him! 

We are excited to help more people continue to progress. Jayne, Johanna, Crystal, Gabriel, Chris and others!

Also the Foley's got their Temple Recommends!!! Wahoo! We are so excited to go with them on Saturday to do baptisms! Their littlest kids are wonderful too and did fantastic in the primary program.

OK....So Lidia's mom (Jonah and Ayana's Grandma) who we call Abuela, was really concerned that we were sick this week and we kept going out in the cold without our heads covered. She didn't have hats for us so she ran out and she was like, "Amors!!!!!" and then she put these shower caps on our heads! hahaha. Priceless.

This last week we also had another great Zone Conference at the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial!

On another Day, we went to the Dr. way out in Vermont! Just to find out I had a really bad sinus infection that was wiping me out and causing me to cough really hard. I still need to breath sometimes, and Sister Holmes' cough is still kind of rough sometimes, but we finally got to go finding again. And let me tell you!....we chased some people down and saw some cool miracles and met some awesome people and some really cool potentials! 

I feel like Sister Holmes and I were both really in tune with the spirit and both had the same ideas to go the same places. So fun!

...Oh also cool story! We went finding at the store to find some people to teach and buy some stuff and I said "Hi" to this man as he was going into an isle. He then stopped and backed out of the isle to come talk to us. He started talking to me like he has known me forever, but he spoke Spanish and I do not!haha. He then said, "my English isn't that good" We all were confused as we tried to talk for a couple minutes and then all of a sudden he started speaking perfect English! He told us his whole life story and how he fled from South America and started a life here and that he already has a Book of Mormon and he wants us to come over! NO JOKE! The Gift of Tongues! So cool.

Sister Holmes and I being missionaries! And even through our sicknesses, we love being together! haha! Good memories......I'm really happy.

We found some fun pinata's! Our Zone Theme right now is "Taco-bout Baptism"

Well that is pretty much all! It was a good week here, and we are healing! And life is good! 

Love, Sister Brady

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