Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Week 65 - Pants, Fires, Spirit, and Lots of Naps

Okay!.. This week was hands down the weirdest week of my mission.

First off, we started Monday night with 9 sisters in our apartment.....9!!!! New missionaries and their trainers. We have some awesome new sisters!

Then we spend the whole next day in PANTS!! THE WHOLE DAY!!!! What? So weird. 

We got to do service and do a ton of fun yard work around the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial in Vermont. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!! So nice. 

And it was so fun! And kind of weird because it felt a bit like a YSA activity/girls camp/youth conference. Good stuff!

And then that evening we had a BONFIRE! ON OUR MISSIONS!? So weird. But it was actually really cool and spiritual! 

We had each companionship teach points of The Restoration. The Spirit was just so strong and confirmed to me yet again the truthfulness of God's Love for us manifested through the Restoration of The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

....and THEN we got to sleep in a HOTEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!? I slept in a huge bed! It was so fun! 

but........remember how i was sick and getting better??.........wrong!

We woke of the next morning feeling TERRIBLE. Both of us! uggghh.

We tried to train to train the whole next day while not even being able to formulate our thoughts...😓...rough life.

This week I also had an exchange with Sister Morrison and that was fun. Then a mini-exchange with Sister Anderson - who I came out with and that was fun too!...But honestly, I was so tired and I slept through most of it. 

I slept in the church... in the chapel.... on a pew..... while Sister Holmes and Sister Tobler taught a lesson in the foyer. What is mission life?

And then- Guess What!? Sunday morning we woke up and we had a text from President Blair saying we were grounded.....What!?.....We pleaded for permission to got to church....But first we had to go to the doctor. We went and talked to all these people and they made us wear face masks! 

......although being sick is terrible, we are really happy in spirit and we keep saying at least we are in this together!

Dr. Kevin came in and pretty much asked us questions about our symptoms and The Book of Mormon all the at the same time! It was such a fun and frantic interaction. So we gave Dr. Kev a Book of Mormon before we left.

So....Sister Holmes has bronchitis...... lame! I got tested for mono......which I don't have. Wahoo! But I have some sort of virus that stinks...its been 3 1/2 weeks now. 

We then went to church, but I had to leave sacrament meeting half way through because I had a cough attack. Like a REAL BAD one...😟

Now its Monday and we are just trying to rest----- so many people are telling us to rest - so we are. It is so weird, because we are used to being out. There are a lot of productive things we can do from our apartment: Sunday night Heavenly Father blessed us and we found 2 new people from our couch on Facebook! Good stuff! 

I am so tired my tired. Like we went to the grocery store and I was exhausted. 

BUT more miracles!....We got to see Linda and Kathy at the grocery store!


Sorry this message wasn't super spiritual.....But hopefully it made you laugh a little bit!

Love you all! 

Love, Your Sick Missionary

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