Monday, October 29, 2018

Week 66 - LINDA IS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!! :D

EVERYONE LINDA IS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love her so much.

It was a beautiful service and she was so happy and just glowing! There was so many wonderful people there to support her and it is all wonderful! And we had them all write little notes to her and we put them in a photo album and printed off little pictures that we took that day and gave it to her.

 On Sunday she told me that she felt like she was feeling the Holy Ghost prompting her even more. Ah!!...and her setting apart blessing was BEAUTIFUL!! In her blessing she was blessed that she would serve in the temple!!!! So happy! 

We got to go to dinner with her too Saturday night and just talked and laughed and connected and loved. I have such a testimony of "Gospel Sociality" and how wonderful and beautiful it is! 

We also have Dana on date now! He is the dad of a part member family, and is doing awesome reading and studying and prayer. We are really excited to keep working with him! 

We are excited to help more people continue to progress. Jayne, Johanna, Crystal, Gabriel, Chris and others!

Also the Foley's got their Temple Recommends!!! Wahoo! We are so excited to go with them on Saturday to do baptisms! Their littlest kids are wonderful too and did fantastic in the primary program.

OK....So Lidia's mom (Jonah and Ayana's Grandma) who we call Abuela, was really concerned that we were sick this week and we kept going out in the cold without our heads covered. She didn't have hats for us so she ran out and she was like, "Amors!!!!!" and then she put these shower caps on our heads! hahaha. Priceless.

This last week we also had another great Zone Conference at the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial!

On another Day, we went to the Dr. way out in Vermont! Just to find out I had a really bad sinus infection that was wiping me out and causing me to cough really hard. I still need to breath sometimes, and Sister Holmes' cough is still kind of rough sometimes, but we finally got to go finding again. And let me tell you!....we chased some people down and saw some cool miracles and met some awesome people and some really cool potentials! 

I feel like Sister Holmes and I were both really in tune with the spirit and both had the same ideas to go the same places. So fun!

...Oh also cool story! We went finding at the store to find some people to teach and buy some stuff and I said "Hi" to this man as he was going into an isle. He then stopped and backed out of the isle to come talk to us. He started talking to me like he has known me forever, but he spoke Spanish and I do not!haha. He then said, "my English isn't that good" We all were confused as we tried to talk for a couple minutes and then all of a sudden he started speaking perfect English! He told us his whole life story and how he fled from South America and started a life here and that he already has a Book of Mormon and he wants us to come over! NO JOKE! The Gift of Tongues! So cool.

Sister Holmes and I being missionaries! And even through our sicknesses, we love being together! haha! Good memories......I'm really happy.

We found some fun pinata's! Our Zone Theme right now is "Taco-bout Baptism"

Well that is pretty much all! It was a good week here, and we are healing! And life is good! 

Love, Sister Brady

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Week 65 - Pants, Fires, Spirit, and Lots of Naps

Okay!.. This week was hands down the weirdest week of my mission.

First off, we started Monday night with 9 sisters in our apartment.....9!!!! New missionaries and their trainers. We have some awesome new sisters!

Then we spend the whole next day in PANTS!! THE WHOLE DAY!!!! What? So weird. 

We got to do service and do a ton of fun yard work around the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial in Vermont. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!! So nice. 

And it was so fun! And kind of weird because it felt a bit like a YSA activity/girls camp/youth conference. Good stuff!

And then that evening we had a BONFIRE! ON OUR MISSIONS!? So weird. But it was actually really cool and spiritual! 

We had each companionship teach points of The Restoration. The Spirit was just so strong and confirmed to me yet again the truthfulness of God's Love for us manifested through the Restoration of The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

....and THEN we got to sleep in a HOTEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!? I slept in a huge bed! It was so fun! 

but........remember how i was sick and getting better??.........wrong!

We woke of the next morning feeling TERRIBLE. Both of us! uggghh.

We tried to train to train the whole next day while not even being able to formulate our thoughts...😓...rough life.

This week I also had an exchange with Sister Morrison and that was fun. Then a mini-exchange with Sister Anderson - who I came out with and that was fun too!...But honestly, I was so tired and I slept through most of it. 

I slept in the church... in the chapel.... on a pew..... while Sister Holmes and Sister Tobler taught a lesson in the foyer. What is mission life?

And then- Guess What!? Sunday morning we woke up and we had a text from President Blair saying we were grounded.....What!?.....We pleaded for permission to got to church....But first we had to go to the doctor. We went and talked to all these people and they made us wear face masks! 

......although being sick is terrible, we are really happy in spirit and we keep saying at least we are in this together!

Dr. Kevin came in and pretty much asked us questions about our symptoms and The Book of Mormon all the at the same time! It was such a fun and frantic interaction. So we gave Dr. Kev a Book of Mormon before we left.

So....Sister Holmes has bronchitis...... lame! I got tested for mono......which I don't have. Wahoo! But I have some sort of virus that stinks...its been 3 1/2 weeks now. 

We then went to church, but I had to leave sacrament meeting half way through because I had a cough attack. Like a REAL BAD one...😟

Now its Monday and we are just trying to rest----- so many people are telling us to rest - so we are. It is so weird, because we are used to being out. There are a lot of productive things we can do from our apartment: Sunday night Heavenly Father blessed us and we found 2 new people from our couch on Facebook! Good stuff! 

I am so tired my tired. Like we went to the grocery store and I was exhausted. 

BUT more miracles!....We got to see Linda and Kathy at the grocery store!


Sorry this message wasn't super spiritual.....But hopefully it made you laugh a little bit!

Love you all! 

Love, Your Sick Missionary

Monday, October 15, 2018

Week 64 - "The Girls That Roam the Neighborhood"

HHHHHHHHHHeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

(Having Fun at Target today)

Good week! Fast week! Lots of stuff. I'm tired, but what's new? Hahah....Bring on this next week!

It has been a good week, transfers were crazy but it was great. SO many new missionaries came in. We got to go finding with them in Manchester. I remember when I did that as a new missionary with the STLTs.....Woah! Weird!  It was fun to go finding with them. And it is so fun to be involved in all the new missionary excitement. I have some high hopes for this group and I am looking forward to seeing what they learn and become.

New Missionaries Oct 2018

So sad, confusing, crazy, and a little scary......But Brian, the biggest miracle of my mission in my previous area Portsmouth, was supposed to get baptized on Saturday. There was some weird miscommunication between him and the missionaries. Apparently, he didn't want anyone to come to the baptism, but the whole ward had already been invited. So, Brian and Bro. Clark tried to change the time and didn't tell the missionaries. Sounds like there was some confusing conversations.... and Brian as of now is not baptized.... But he did come to church the next day. He has too much of a testimony of the doctrine. But the sister missionaries there now feel a lot of strain on relations in the ward now... weird.

The whole Portsmouth fiasco was crazy and we still don't feel like we have all the pieces of the story. Honestly, it shook me too. It feels like my family just got in a big argument.

BUT....GOOD NEWS....Linda passed her baptism interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is doing great and we have started planning her program!

Gabriel is also keeping commitments and is progressing, we will see where it goes.

Crystal is this awesome mom who has some great promise. She watched women's conference and bore a simple testimony of the spirit that emanates from just opening the Book of Mormon. Her son answered the door for a lesson and he was like, "MOM -THE GIRLS THAT ROAM THE NEIGHBORHOOD ARE HERE!!" hahahahah!.....I mean he's right though!

Johanna is having some health problems but we are seeing her again soon.

Lidia and Jonah and Ayyane are doing wonderful :) I love these kiddos!

It was a slower week finding. We have been keeping track of our daily invite goals and have been inviting a lot, but it was just one of those weeks were not many people said yes. But we did invite over 70 people! It's okay, we just want to continue focusing on teaching good principles before and after the invite.

Sister Holmes is doing well. She got that cough that I have been fighting, so we are trying to help her try to beat it. She is awesome and continues to be committed to the work! We are excited for another transfer together!

Exchanges to Rivere. I went to Rivere with Hermana Rawle and MacDonald. It was fun!  I was part of some Spanish lessons and Spanish finding! Good times good stuff!

This week when Crystal told us that she felt a peace come over her just from having the Book of Mormon open, it reminded me of the power that comes from the Book of Mormon. I have loved taking the challenge of the prophet and reading this sacred book. I know that even from a young age, even before I could read, I felt the spirit of peace, and the light emanate from it's pages. I am so grateful for the answers that come as we try to figure out the confusing things in life. 

We got to go to lunch with Sister Whatcott! (Wife of Brother Whatcott, a counselor in our Mission Presidency) She is so awesome and always talks about what she can do for the sisters of the mission!

It is so fun in our roles for us to get to know each of the sisters in the mission more personally!

Sister Brady

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Week 63 - High Spirits.....Low Energy...


THIS WEEKEND WAS GENERAL CONFERENCE AND WASN'T IT INCREDIBLE!? Wow.... I need to listen to every talk 5 more times. I really felt like the windows of heaven were opened and there was not room enough to receive it all! So I will definitely be re-listening to a lot of it!😊

1st Session: We watched with the Larsens and Leo
2nd Session: Bishop's house with Sister Chapman who is a returning member 😊
Women's Session: At the church with Lidia
3rd Session: At the church again
4th Session: Foley Family😊 (Recent converts)

Things I really really loved:

  1. WE HAVE A LIVING PROPHET ON THE EARTH!...HOW COOL IS THAT! No but seriously. This is our unique message to the world. This is the Restoration. That Christ's Gospel in its fullness has been restored and continues to be restored through living prophets who speak for God. AMAZING. WOW. If you don't feel like this is the best thing ever please pray about it. (Then again it has taken me going on a mission to realize that it really is a big deal! haha).
  2. Okay... the Apostles and President Nelson are SO FUNNY! Seriously so cute and happy and they make you laugh and feel so loved as they whip you into shape and call you to repentance! I mean it doesn't get better than that!
  3. Women's Conference. ALL OF IT. I have such a desire to do everything I do out of love for my Heavenly Father and have that be my motive, more than duty. I also had a very special personal experience of what I desire my own family and home to be someday. I am so grateful for living prophets and the great love God has for us.


Okay.. also we went on 4 exchanges this week. For anyone that doesn't know. That is insane. Like we only got to see each other for 15 minutes between two of them.

Canterbury Exchange: I was with Sister Payeur. Such a cutie! Love her! She is going through a lot right now. We taught some ASL, talked to a shirtless Spanish dude and got hot chocolate.

Low quality pic of sister Payeur and I...haha

Manchester Exchange: I was with Sister Vogel. Who is an English speaker, in a Spanish Area, with a Spanish comp. We managed a billion phone calls and taught our Catholic friend and his Catholic college friend and felt like quite the intellectuals.

Hanover Exchange: This one didn't get too far because the sister I was supposed to go with ended up throwing up on the side of the was so sad. 😔So we took care of her and took her back to her area.

2nd Canterbury Exchange: This one was fun!! Sister Ward got her lasso sent out here from home... (she is from a ranch in Idaho) and we spend all evening, after we were in and safe, having her teach me how to rope a chair!....So fun.


Also... I have been super sick all week. I have a variety of symptoms, but mostly I am just tired.  But I think I am over the hill. 😃

OH!...transfers were decided. We met with President Blair a few times to talk about them because this is a complicated transfer. But big news: SISTER HOLMES AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER!! woot woot!

Sister Holmes is so excited about this salsa

Hope you all have a great week!

Sister Brady

The day I was the most sick... and our strange morning started off by meeting some princesses on the side of the road.. naturally.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Week 62 - 25!!!!!

This is going to be a short note this week!

We had a LOT of meetings this week which kind of drained me but hey God's house is a house of order so we need to take the time to organize!

We had a lot of lessons. Please pray for Linda! She is praying about the date of October 27 to be Baptized. Priesthood and prophets finally clicked for her! She is so close. I love her very much.

Some great news! We as a Mission have a goal to help 25 people be baptized each month until the end of the year starting with September. This hasn't been done in a lonngg time. So we as a mission have been praying and fasting on the 25th of each month for our 25 people. And this morning Sister Holmes and I received the report and guess how many people were baptized in September??????

TWENTY FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


I also learned this week the importance of taking care of your mind and body. And that mind, body, and spirit all have an effect on each other. I am so grateful for the activities I can do to bring the spirit and help in times of trial.

There can be miracles everyone! I know it!

I love you!!!

Sister Brady

Dinner with Brother and sister Larsen