Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Week 61 - Swords, Airplanes and Benadryl

What. A. Week!

TOM IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....I am allowed to have little bit of contact with Tom to make sure he keeps meeting with the sisters there. He messaged me out of the blue on Saturday night and just says: "Mosiah 18:17"..... so we were like hmm... and looked up the scripture: 

"17 And they were called the church of God, or the church of Christ, from that time forward. And it came to pass that whosoever was baptized by the power and authority of God was added to his church."......I almost started crying.

I took a lot of pictures this week! Yay! Also, I look pretty slammed in some of them! Which is just accurate, this is real life. haha!

We had our other two zone conferences. In preparation for this, President just told us and the assistants to do a training on all of Chapter 10 of Preach My Gospel - which is huge and all about teaching skills. He didn't give us much more help. So Sister Holmes and I came up with this idea of using the Armor of God scripture and relating each piece of armor to teaching skills!.... So classic of men and women here....we told the Elders our crazy idea and they actually made it happen! They found the suit and everything! So fun! The missionaries loved it!!

We had two exchanges! One I was with Sister Lowe and the other I was with Sister Ward!

It is so fun to go on exchanges and see how other missionaries function and just get to know them!! Also Sister Ward and I taught a lesson in ASL! She doesn't know any ASL - hahaha! It was so fun! I was able to remember a lot from Jr. High. It was like the gift of tongues but it was the gift of hands!!

When Sister Holmes and I are together - we were just happy to be missionaries! We met a lot of cool people and had a lot of fun lessons and some really really crazy ones and just got to laugh about how funny our life is. 

We bring members with us as much as we can. Here are pictures of us with Eden who is preparing to go on a mission, so we bring her with us sometimes to lessons :)  

So one day I woke up with hives! I was instructed to take benadryl. It made me tired and I did NOT want to sleep. We had things to do and people to see!! But boy- I got LOOPY! haha! it was so funny. I was slurring over my words and everything. 

We had a very somber morning dear companion from the MTC, Sister West, has been sick and struggling for quite a while now. It was decided in a crazy combo of events that she would return home as soon as possible. As President and Sister Blair were out of town, we were asked to act as mini mission presidents as we picked her up, made arrangements for her companion, and brought Sister West to our house and took her to the airport at 5 this morning. It was really hard for both of us as Sister Holmes was her trainer. We pray that she will get the help she needs as she goes home. 

(Our attempt at getting a picture with Sister West because we forgot to get one before she went through security.)

We tried to add some joy to the situation, so I wore my galaxy pants sneakily under my dress (mostly so I could get right back in bed when we got home! haha) and we took some funny pics.

(p.s I promise there is hot chocolate in my cup)

We get to minister a lot in this calling to many sisters with many situations around the mission. I have grown in testimony this week that when you truly do your best that God really does make up the rest. That He helps us achieve His will for His children and we are just the instruments. And he consecrates our efforts. I am truly humbled and grateful. I love Him and trust in Him fully.

I love you all!!!

Talk to you soon!

Love, Sister Loopy Brady

MY FAV OFFICE MISSIONARIES! Sister Larsen, me, Sister Smith and Sister Stephenson

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