Monday, September 17, 2018


WOW it has been quite the week running (literally) all over Northern New England and making lots of phone calls.    

On Tuesday we woke up in New Hampshire, went to Vermont for the day.....

(Joseph Smith Birthplace - Sharon Vermont)

......came back to New Hampshire and then the next day went back to Vermont then back to New Hampshire and then up to Maine!!!! Woot woot!!

We have been finding, teaching, working, serving, loving, laughing, driving, planning, dressing up an elder in Armor for Zone conference, exchanging, messaging, praying and just doing our best.

(The 'Holy KFC' near the place Joseph Smith near had his leg amputated)

(Sister Rodgers and I on exchange)

We made some progress with Linda! She told us that she feels like she has identified what is holding her back from baptism and joining the church. 
  1. 3 Kingdoms of glory
  2. Modern Prophets
  3. Joseph Smith. 
I am just happy that she feels like she has been able to organize her concerns a little bit and is willing to continue working to solve them. She is so sweet and will make it!

Jonathan has been soooo flaky lately so we have only had one lesson with him over the phone since I got here. Yesterday he texted us and said that he isn't sure he still wants to get baptized. (Which he hasn't met to talk for a while, so of course your faith dwindles when you don't keep working at it). We responded by saying okay, and that we would still like to meet to talk and see where he is coming from and he was like "Okay! how about Wed. at 5!"....which was crazy. So we are looking forward to addressing his concerns. 

ALSO MIRACLE. Dana who is the father of a part member family has decided that he would like to be baptized and sealed in the temple! He has been coming to church for a year, and during sacrament meeting he slipped us a note setting up an appointment! haha! It was so funny! We are looking forward to teaching him.

We also had our family history booth which went really well! We weren't able to proselyte so we didn't see much "numerical success", but we both felt fulfilled inside with how well it went. We had 6 members helping us and they were engaged and contacting people and it was great exposure and overall just a great experience!

I got to see a lot of missionaries and I learned SO MUCH from all of them. Especially those I got to go on exchange with!!! It was a blast! I am exhausted, but hey!...that means we are doin' good.

Today we got our nails done to treat ourselves! haha :) 

I had a nice experience the other morning.... I was saying my prayers to open my studies and I was thinking about the story of Peter sinking and crying out for Christ to save him. And I was kind of feeling like I was drowning a little bit. So as I was talking to Heavenly Father I was just feeling the spirit and talking, and for some reason I opened my eyes (even though I wasn't done praying) and I saw these two birds sitting right outside my window and it was just so peaceful and perfect and I felt God's presence. This is the second time I have had an answer through birds, and then as I thought about it more I realized that the dove in Christ's baptism is a symbol of the presence of the Holy Ghost. And I just loved that!!....So look for birds and answers to your prayers! :)

Love you!

Sister Brady

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