Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Week 59 - Still Frantic

Hi Everyone!!

So I am still frantically trying to figure out new area and new people and all that jazz. But it is super fun and I LOVE  this area. You can just go walk out on the street and people actually believe in God! It is so fun! Granted they are sometimes flaky with their return appointments, but hey at least we have something to work with! 

I was out of our area twice this week for exchanges. I went on exchange back to PORTSMOUTH that was fun and funny! I got to do some awesome finding, meet some cool people, and had a dinner with TOM! AND HIS SON ARUN For Tom's birthday!!!! It was a surprise and it was so great!! Got this super fancy seafood- so fun! 

We then had a lesson and ice cream with Brian, and he is progressing SO WELL!!! He loved church and loves the gospel and loves the members and is GETTING BAPTIZED next month!!!! AH!..I am so happy!

I also went on an exchange to Hanover and got to serve in Vermont for the first time on exchanges! I was with Sister Anderson, who I was in the MTC with. It was beautiful out there and the green hills almost look like mountains!

We had some great lessons, some of those were with Sister Chapman who we are helping return to activity. 

And Linda who is getting so so close to baptism and is loving church. And Amanda came to church and good stuff is happening. I am still getting to know everything and everyone.

Saturday was also crazy. Because:
  • I lost a contact
  • The Sister I was with thought she filled up the car with gas and actually didn't
  • We accidentally stole some Sisters' phone
  • We were SO late for our appointment and she doesn't even live there anymore
  • Almost drove into a lake
  • Got so lost
  • I locked myself out of my tablet
  • All 6 of our lessons fells through ;( 
  • Then went and did some ice cream finding!!! hahah. 

This next week is going to be crazy too!!!..Bring it on!!

Overall I am really happy and love sharing the gospel with all those I meet (or see out the car window because we will roll down the window and talk to them)

(Met this random motorcycle guy who happened to be a member from Utah!)

Miracles do happen! I am learning to rely on God because He has a plan and knows what is going on even when I don't.

Love you all!!
Sister Brady

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