Monday, August 13, 2018

Week 55 - Multiple-Personality ????

Hi hi!!!

So it was an awesome week here! We found a lot of new people and had some new friends come to church!!!! I am so happy! We are busy and running around and meeting new people and going new places, and working with members and it is so fun!

I remember when I first came to this area, and I expressed how much hope and faith I had in the area. And I had never had more hope for something in my life. But I felt disappointed for a few months and it was really really hard. But I am finally seeing things start to pick up here and it fills me with joy.

We have a giant teaching pool - SO BIG! But our goal now is to get people actually progressing and progressing well in it. And take care of those people we have.

The most noteworthy right now are probably Mike, Grace and Tom. Mike we found at the park and he is looking to turn his life around. He wanted to meet the pastor- so we set up a church tour and it went wonderful. He came to church and loved it and is excited to learn!

Grace is a really sweet YSA who also came to church to hear Sister Tobler speak and then set up another appointment for herself right after. We want her to have more intent of applying what we are teaching though.

TOM IS OUT IN UTAH!! AND IS SEEING MY FAMILY TONIGHT!!!!!So exciting! He had some great faith statements on the phone the other day that show his faith is increasing!

We went on exchange with the Bedford sisters. I went with Sister Warren and she is awesome and such a good sport. We got SOAKED in the rain and met some really cool people.

Sister Tobler and I are good! We are getting into a good groove of finding together which is really fun!

Also, sad Missionary Facebook profile got reported and shut down for "impersonation". Maybe because I have a home account as well. It is making F.B really hard because .....well I can't use it haha. It is GONE! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! So I guess I'll have to 'missionary-ize' my old account and re-friend a ton of people and try to track down the people I have met from my past areas!!! Grrr- it is going to be a lot of work. Guess you aren't allowed to have multiple personalities....

Speaking of multiple personalities.............haha! There is this rouge less-active person who we randomly found a little while ago and is super nice, but she makes really strange comments during lessons. So we went on Sunday and she started out by giving us a gift. Which was a brown paper sack with hot coco packets and tea packets, and buried at the bottom of the sack......was tampons and pads. hahahahaaha! So funny, but hey!...really nice of her!.............Anyway-mid lesson-she was talking about all these voices she hears and she was trying to make it scripture-related, but it wasn't really making sense - So Sister Tobler started asking these questions to diagnose her mental state during the lesson! haha so funny! Maybe I'm not the only one with multiple personalities?? or Schizophrenia. Not sure. But hey!....we got some herbal tea - so that's cool!.

Also spiritual note. After our church tour with Mike he sent us a really awesome text it said: "Thank you so much for the tour. I felt accepted and welcomed by all those I met. I felt comfortable and peaceful. And thank you so much for allowing me to say the prayer at the end-that meant a lot to me."

It just strengthened my testimony of our job to teach people how to pray because we are helping children of God communicate with their Father and that is such a beautiful concept.

I love you all!!!

Have a wonderful week!!

Love, Sister Brady

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