Monday, August 6, 2018

Week 54 - Tuggin' people to Salvation


This week we were driving from Portsmouth, New Hampshire to Kittery, Maine and we were on this bridge then we all had to stop because the bridge was lifting up and this GIANT boat was coming through! It was so cool!

We got out of our car and it was a beautiful summer night and everyone else got out of their car and we were all taking pictures and having a great time. 

And there was these two little tugboats on each side of this giant ship and the nice old man next to us explained that they were directing the ship so that is stays in the deepest part of the channel and makes it through the bridge. The little boats would honk at each other and drive from one side to the next guiding this ship. Obviously neither of them were strong enough to push or pull this giant ship on their own, but they were simply their as guides to show the way without force.

Sister Tobler and I then made this analogy about how we were like a little companionship of tugboats, guiding those we are teaching to and down the straight and narrow channel. We can't force them, they have their agency, but we work our best and communicate with each other and the gatekeeper (Christ). To help people along as they work to enter the gate of baptism.


Other highlights of this week included exchanges with both of our sets of Sisters. One was Hermana Vaitai who is a visa-waiter for Panama and she is awesome! 

........and the other was with my Sister Haner!! Ah she is fantastic! I love her! 

There was one day that we ate out for Every. Single. Meal.....and it was fun but we felt sooo sick! haha

We also moved into our new apartment! We had to clean a little bit after the elders were there... (and the tub was grooooossssssss!).....but its all good now! haha!

We had a lesson/walk with Tom where we walked his dog through the beautiful New England woods and read Mosiah Chapter 3 to him! It was great! HE COMES TO UTAH NEXT WEEK!!

We also got some lame anti-Mormon stuff from this guy who was really cool at that was a bummer...but its alright! 

But I know that NO EFFORT IS WASTED in missionary work and in life. I know that God knows the intents of our heart and all the good we are striving to do and it is recognized by Him. Please remember that in your day-to-day lives as disciples of Christ! 

I love you all!

Sister Tugboat Brady

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