Monday, July 30, 2018

Week 53 - Namaste Sweet Darling, Peace on all Your Endeavors

Well Hello!!

It has been a great week here, really busy, which I like. I love being busy. 

We had some awesome first and second lessons with people, had a lot of contact with our Sisters and with the Zone Leaders, and have a great new theme for August........ eXeter files......... we are now spies for God haha its gonna be great!

We are looking forward to the month of August and all of its miracles. 

We had a lesson with Tom and the Bishop, which was really great. It added just a great extra spirit and authority to what he was learning, and he continues to progress and acknowledge his progression.

We had a wonderful meeting the the Garcia family and they were excited for church in the morning, but we went the morning of and nobody seemed to be home....disappointing.

John Wood spoke in sacrament meeting for the first time as a recent convert. And Mitchell Fortier as a recent convert just got endowed and gave a beautiful talk. Stephanie Toll is also doing great and wants to go on the ward temple trip and renewed her recommend because she thought you needed a new recommend every time you went!  There are some awesome retention efforts that we are putting forth with these members and it is exciting! I think this part of missionary work is sometimes overlooked but so fun and important!

We also are gaining some speed on the social media finding and have found some people and have multiple conversations going. So basically we talk with people like we would on the street about random stuff in the area until we can find a tie to the gospel and then we swoop in and invite them to learn! haha! So this one guy said "No" to us and said that he had his own beliefs...but he was so nice and finished by sending us a message that said: "Namaste Sweet Darling, Peace on all Your Endeavors"....hahhaaha. I love it!

We also had a BOM experience and the street and we got more contacts and a new person to teach!..... BUT there was also this guy with a guitar and I asked him to play a song for us so he did, and then I asked if we could take a selfie with him for a Zone Challenge thing we are doing, and he came up all sweaty and gross and put his arms around my neck and HUGGED ME!! EWE!!! .. it was so gross and terrible and this little Sister Missionary freaked in the picture I am in the corner trying to duck out! hahahah So funny! (don't worry there was lots of Elders there to protect us).

Well I HIT 1 YEAR OF BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!! WOOT WOOT! Tom took us out for Indian food and got me a balloon!!! It was the best!!!

Also, that day there was this WICKED BIG rain storm. It was insane!! We had to yell to hear each other! And we were going to meet this guy Timothy for a lesson and gelato. So we ate gelato in the rain, and he bought it for us! How nice!

ALSO....Now that we are exploring Portsmouth there is cool things that happen like GIANT BOATS coming into port for a show! So we naturally had a photo shoot and asked people to take pictures of us then invited them to learn about the gospel! haha :)

good stuff :)

Namaste, Sweet Darlings, Peace on all Your Endeavors This Week!

-Sister Brady

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