Sunday, July 29, 2018

Week 52 - Taking over the WORLD.... ehem..I mean the Ward!

Hello hello!!!

Wow this week has FLOWN by!!!! seriously I don't know where it went!

Sister Sellers and I had some busy last couple days which were really fun seeing a bunch of people and teaching some cool first lessons and being given sweet potato apple lasagna-you know the usual. haha I am going to miss her!!

But now I have Sister Tobler!!! And she is great! So far so good! We have kept busy and got a lot done every day. I am so excited for the miracles we have already seen and will continue to see as we explore our new territory haha!

So really we are taking over the ward since they took the elder companionship out of our area. The ward was pretty surprised so that's crazy. Also our ward mission leader is moving to Australia so as of right now I am really the only one that knows about a lot of the missionary work here in the ward. Wahoo!

Okay so Sister Tobler's first night here, Tom took us out for LOBSTER!! It was so fun!! 

And the view was beautiful! 

And Tom shared his story with her and his progression. Last night we had a lesson with him and the Fairchilds and he had some awesome faith statements about how he has seen change in himself and feels comfort (which we helped him recognize as the Holy Ghost). We just feel so much love for him and want him to continue and get that healing and hope!

He is coming to Utah in a couple weeks so everyone bear your testimony to him if you see him!

We also had some fun finding where we were given clovers by another bearded man named Tom!

We met a bunch of people over the last few days had some really cool quality gospel conversations with a limo driver, a body builder, a smoothie chef, and some belly dancers! Hahah! Wow! Being a missionary is so fun! 

Okay so this week I have been studying the attribute of hope. And I feel like there has been times when I haven't had as much hope as I should, but God hears prayers and gives us what we need in His time. And I have felt and increase in hope. In my study of hope as well I have learned that optimism is a Christlike attribute as well! And that discouragement is something that can be conquered with hope.

It was a good week and next week is gonna be great too :)


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