Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Week 51 - Another one bites the dust... and TRANSFERS!

Hello everyone!

Well here it is, the last P-day with Sister Sellers. She flies home on Friday, I am going to miss her and I am grateful for the time that we have had serving together!!

Us getting burritos!!:)

Nothing super crazy happened this week that I can think of. (and I left my journal at the apartment so I can't look at what I wrote). We had some good first lessons with some nice people and want to continue to help them to progress. We also said goodbye to a couple people for Sister Sellers.

Sister Sellers saying Good-Bye to the Coker Family (Some of my Favorite Members)

Us with Lonnie Blackwell

Last night was cool though, we had been finding alllll week, and hadn't seen a ton of success. And we were about to go try to contact someone that we have tried multiple times. So I said a prayer, as we usually do before trying to contact someone, and I humbly expressed to Heavenly Father that we had invited a lot of people to learn that week and I asked for a miracle. THEN we went and knocked on a lady's door to ask about her neighbor and it was this super cute young mom who was actually raised JW and left so he family shunned her, and it was really hard. But she had been reconsidering relgion a tiny bit even though it is really hard for her, and she was so  interested in what we believe and teach and it was amazing! We were able to promise her that God is so aware of her and loves her and wants her to find peace.  We are seeing her next Monday! Miracles happen!

This crazy old mill  place that we found that felt like walking into another world

Okay... what was big this week was TRANSFER CALLS! We knew we were getting a call because Sister Sellers is getting transferred to Provo!...haha. But the day before calls we had a Stake Coordination Meeting with us, the Zone Leaders, President Blair, and our Stake President - afterwords President Blair told us that our little zone of 9 companionships was about to get even smaller...
Soooo... they downsized every ward that had Elders and Sisters. So one set of Sisters got taken out and two sets of Elders. One of those sets being the Porstmouth Elders!!! Woah! So that means me and my new companion.... SISTER TOBLER!! ..... will be taking over the whole ward and all of the area the Elders had. Crazy. 

Let the good times roll!

Stay tuned for crazy adventures next week.

Sister Brady

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