Monday, July 30, 2018

Week 53 - Namaste Sweet Darling, Peace on all Your Endeavors

Well Hello!!

It has been a great week here, really busy, which I like. I love being busy. 

We had some awesome first and second lessons with people, had a lot of contact with our Sisters and with the Zone Leaders, and have a great new theme for August........ eXeter files......... we are now spies for God haha its gonna be great!

We are looking forward to the month of August and all of its miracles. 

We had a lesson with Tom and the Bishop, which was really great. It added just a great extra spirit and authority to what he was learning, and he continues to progress and acknowledge his progression.

We had a wonderful meeting the the Garcia family and they were excited for church in the morning, but we went the morning of and nobody seemed to be home....disappointing.

John Wood spoke in sacrament meeting for the first time as a recent convert. And Mitchell Fortier as a recent convert just got endowed and gave a beautiful talk. Stephanie Toll is also doing great and wants to go on the ward temple trip and renewed her recommend because she thought you needed a new recommend every time you went!  There are some awesome retention efforts that we are putting forth with these members and it is exciting! I think this part of missionary work is sometimes overlooked but so fun and important!

We also are gaining some speed on the social media finding and have found some people and have multiple conversations going. So basically we talk with people like we would on the street about random stuff in the area until we can find a tie to the gospel and then we swoop in and invite them to learn! haha! So this one guy said "No" to us and said that he had his own beliefs...but he was so nice and finished by sending us a message that said: "Namaste Sweet Darling, Peace on all Your Endeavors"....hahhaaha. I love it!

We also had a BOM experience and the street and we got more contacts and a new person to teach!..... BUT there was also this guy with a guitar and I asked him to play a song for us so he did, and then I asked if we could take a selfie with him for a Zone Challenge thing we are doing, and he came up all sweaty and gross and put his arms around my neck and HUGGED ME!! EWE!!! .. it was so gross and terrible and this little Sister Missionary freaked in the picture I am in the corner trying to duck out! hahahah So funny! (don't worry there was lots of Elders there to protect us).

Well I HIT 1 YEAR OF BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!! WOOT WOOT! Tom took us out for Indian food and got me a balloon!!! It was the best!!!

Also, that day there was this WICKED BIG rain storm. It was insane!! We had to yell to hear each other! And we were going to meet this guy Timothy for a lesson and gelato. So we ate gelato in the rain, and he bought it for us! How nice!

ALSO....Now that we are exploring Portsmouth there is cool things that happen like GIANT BOATS coming into port for a show! So we naturally had a photo shoot and asked people to take pictures of us then invited them to learn about the gospel! haha :)

good stuff :)

Namaste, Sweet Darlings, Peace on all Your Endeavors This Week!

-Sister Brady

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Week 52 - Taking over the WORLD.... ehem..I mean the Ward!

Hello hello!!!

Wow this week has FLOWN by!!!! seriously I don't know where it went!

Sister Sellers and I had some busy last couple days which were really fun seeing a bunch of people and teaching some cool first lessons and being given sweet potato apple lasagna-you know the usual. haha I am going to miss her!!

But now I have Sister Tobler!!! And she is great! So far so good! We have kept busy and got a lot done every day. I am so excited for the miracles we have already seen and will continue to see as we explore our new territory haha!

So really we are taking over the ward since they took the elder companionship out of our area. The ward was pretty surprised so that's crazy. Also our ward mission leader is moving to Australia so as of right now I am really the only one that knows about a lot of the missionary work here in the ward. Wahoo!

Okay so Sister Tobler's first night here, Tom took us out for LOBSTER!! It was so fun!! 

And the view was beautiful! 

And Tom shared his story with her and his progression. Last night we had a lesson with him and the Fairchilds and he had some awesome faith statements about how he has seen change in himself and feels comfort (which we helped him recognize as the Holy Ghost). We just feel so much love for him and want him to continue and get that healing and hope!

He is coming to Utah in a couple weeks so everyone bear your testimony to him if you see him!

We also had some fun finding where we were given clovers by another bearded man named Tom!

We met a bunch of people over the last few days had some really cool quality gospel conversations with a limo driver, a body builder, a smoothie chef, and some belly dancers! Hahah! Wow! Being a missionary is so fun! 

Okay so this week I have been studying the attribute of hope. And I feel like there has been times when I haven't had as much hope as I should, but God hears prayers and gives us what we need in His time. And I have felt and increase in hope. In my study of hope as well I have learned that optimism is a Christlike attribute as well! And that discouragement is something that can be conquered with hope.

It was a good week and next week is gonna be great too :)


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Week 51 - Another one bites the dust... and TRANSFERS!

Hello everyone!

Well here it is, the last P-day with Sister Sellers. She flies home on Friday, I am going to miss her and I am grateful for the time that we have had serving together!!

Us getting burritos!!:)

Nothing super crazy happened this week that I can think of. (and I left my journal at the apartment so I can't look at what I wrote). We had some good first lessons with some nice people and want to continue to help them to progress. We also said goodbye to a couple people for Sister Sellers.

Sister Sellers saying Good-Bye to the Coker Family (Some of my Favorite Members)

Us with Lonnie Blackwell

Last night was cool though, we had been finding alllll week, and hadn't seen a ton of success. And we were about to go try to contact someone that we have tried multiple times. So I said a prayer, as we usually do before trying to contact someone, and I humbly expressed to Heavenly Father that we had invited a lot of people to learn that week and I asked for a miracle. THEN we went and knocked on a lady's door to ask about her neighbor and it was this super cute young mom who was actually raised JW and left so he family shunned her, and it was really hard. But she had been reconsidering relgion a tiny bit even though it is really hard for her, and she was so  interested in what we believe and teach and it was amazing! We were able to promise her that God is so aware of her and loves her and wants her to find peace.  We are seeing her next Monday! Miracles happen!

This crazy old mill  place that we found that felt like walking into another world

Okay... what was big this week was TRANSFER CALLS! We knew we were getting a call because Sister Sellers is getting transferred to Provo!...haha. But the day before calls we had a Stake Coordination Meeting with us, the Zone Leaders, President Blair, and our Stake President - afterwords President Blair told us that our little zone of 9 companionships was about to get even smaller...
Soooo... they downsized every ward that had Elders and Sisters. So one set of Sisters got taken out and two sets of Elders. One of those sets being the Porstmouth Elders!!! Woah! So that means me and my new companion.... SISTER TOBLER!! ..... will be taking over the whole ward and all of the area the Elders had. Crazy. 

Let the good times roll!

Stay tuned for crazy adventures next week.

Sister Brady

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Week 50 - Pancakes and Popsicles and Lovin' the Work

Hello friends and family!!!!


This week was one of the best weeks I have had in a long time! Nothing too out of the ordinary happened, but it was just great! 

BOM experience in Sanford Maine

We had a crazy 4th of July full pancake breakfasts with tons of non-members, 30 minute miracle park finding, Tom bearing a small testimony without knowing it, a Book of Mormon experience and running around giving out Popsicles at fireworks. 

We had some awesome exchange miracles too! We went on exchange with the Somersworth Sisters. I was with Sister Terpening and she is amazing! 

We talked to literally everyone and invited literally everyone to learn , even if it was painfully akward, and it was SO FUN!!! Sister Terpening has such a burning love for missionary work! Ah and it is contagious. 

It really revamped me personally and was an answer to my prayers asking for the gift of more faith. And reminded me why I love being a missionary.

I had been struggling lately with the faith that people are actually prepared to hear the gospel in this area, but that exchange in a neighboring area was just the kick-start I needed. Along with I'm sure some extra prayers and faith from loved ones at home, to which I am extremely grateful.

People aren't jumping into the font, but more people this week seemed to said maybe to hearing our message, rather than just saying 'No' and some even said 'Yes"!! And I love this gospel and I love my Savior. 

I also had a really cool experience trying to practice getting personal revelation for some questions I have been having and I just want to bear testimony that the scriptures are written for us- to use in our every day lives with our every day trials. 

God is aware of all of our feelings and doubts and fears and excitements and hopes. And He has our best interest in mind. 

 I hope you all have a fantastic patriotic week!! :)

Sister Brady

Monday, July 2, 2018

Week 49 - Dr. Pepper Dudes


Well I just wrote a couple days ago because of our Temple trip and nothing huge has happened since then. So this will probably be short again. 

Our Rainy Temple Trip

Chic-Fil-A After the Temple with Sister Fairchild and Joyce

This week everything was off schedule so it was really weird and I could never remember what day it was! haha. 

But probably the best thing that happened was I GOT TO GO ON EXCHANGE WITH SISTER ANDERSON!! 

Ah it was amazing. It wasn't even a 24 hour exchange but we picked up right where we left off and were just able to talk about anything and everything. I love her so so much and I know that God knew that we both needed an exchange with each other :)

It has been super hot and humid so that has been an adventure. We were also out of miles so we walked a lot and talked to a lot of people which is good. 

Saw a little Fox.

Also we went out to eat for our exchange meeting and not one, but two random guys offered to buy me my Dr. Pepper when I realized I didn't have cash. Haha! So I guess thus we see those tender mercies in the least expected places.

We went to a lunch place called Bubby's! I thought of my little brother Dylan!!!

Sorry I don't have anything really profound or amazing to say this week. I hope everything is going well! Happy 4th of July!!!

Our member message we came up with for the last few days was Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty: Alma 46:12-15. I love how after he created this passionate statement of what was worth fighting for he "bowed himself to the earth, and he prayed mightily under his God." (vs.13) I have had many times of praying mightily and I am sure I will have many many more. 

Love, From HUMID New Hampshire
-Sister Brady