Monday, June 18, 2018

Week 47 - Lock-out, Spiders, General Authorities, Contacts, and Sleep Talking

Hello everyone!

Today we had a zone p-day and painted galaxy shirts, (super fun) and then went candlestick bowling.

This week was full of a lot of fun crazy things and beautiful spiritual things!

First off, we got locked out of our apartment, because the spirit told me to grab the spare keys and I didn't.. BUT it's okay because Heavenly Father was looking out for us and after we called about 6 people and no one answered and then prayed, someone called us back as soon as we said amen!

Also, in gospel principles there was a spider hanging from the ceiling and Sister Sellers tried to move it and swung it onto me and I made a very frantic sound and bolted from my chair in panic and disrupted the lesson haha, but it's alright!

Okay on a spiritual note, we had mission tour this week and Elder Stanfill from the Seventy and his wife came. It was amazing! He addressed the exact things I have been praying and pondering about, which is finding joy in the work in the hard times and personal revelation. He expressed that the mission culture is doing great and we don't need to work harder but we need to work smarter. I am very grateful for his guidance.

Driving to hear Elder Stanfill

Another funny thing, while on exchanges with Siter Taylor I just really wanted to see life through her eyes I guess because I accidentally put in her contacts!!And she put in mine! Then we were confused and blind and talked to some JW's for like 30 minutes. Wow, craziness.

Book of Mormon experience in Haverhill Mass

Okay another funny thing: Apparently I talk in my sleep, and this week Sister Sellers informed me that I sat up at 2 am - looked at her and declared "I'm gonna look fabulous!" and then laid back down! hahah!!!! Oh Man!

Finally, I would like to just take a second to recognize my dad this Father's day week. I am so grateful for his guidance and love. I realize I talk about him a lot, and he has taught me such valuable life lessons. I said in a recent FB post that being away from him is helping me understand my relationship with my Heavenly Father, even though I cannot physically see or hear either of them right now, I have no doubt that they are there and I can feel their support.

Have a happy week everyone!

Sister Brady

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