Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Week 45 - Tonight... we feast!

Hellllooo!!! So we got transfer calls this week and Sister Sellers and I are staying in Portsmouth! 

I am really happy to be staying with her because we have a lot of fun.

Us with the Somersworth Sisters

I am happy to be staying here with Tom and some of the ward members, 

The Fairchild Family

This also means that I will probably be here for 3 more months... and I am already out of ideas of what to do each day.. I really need some revelation for here! haha

Last week we didn't have time or money to get groceries so we were running a little sparce and thought we had no food. We then looked deep in the pantry and found stuffing, and cranberry mix and my Mom had sent soup mix - so we decided to have a mini Thanksgiving!! Hahah! It's the little things that brighten up our days! 

.......Then the Casualties of Thanksgiving Dinner:

I have been praying to know why I am here in this area and who I am here to touch.

We got a really nice text from Tom the other morning saying that he hopes we never forget that we have touched one lonely soul. 

I have wondered a lot lately about the people we influence and don't even know. For example we knocked on a random door yesterday and it was a friend of a guy we had talked to in the grocery store parking lot 6 weeks ago. He wasn't interested in learning more, but he remembered us and knew who we were.

I know that we much touch more lives than we know, of course we would love to see the effects of everyone we influence for good. But I know the angels in heaven take note. 

It also makes me grateful for all the times strangers have touched me with a compliment at the store or a good conversation on the shuttle at college. 

No good deed goes unnoticed by God :)

Portsmouth District

Have a happy week! I love you all!

Sister Brady

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