Thursday, June 28, 2018

Week 48 - Temple Thursday!!!

Hello Everybody!!!

So this week I am writing today on Thursday because we went to the Boston Temple today!!! So I had to switch my preparation day to today! 

 (Stock photo as it was Raining on us today)

And boy did we have a lot of laundry after a week and a half haha! But the temple was great!!!

Sister Fairchild, our ward's Relief Society President, took us - we love her! We had to leave at 8 and it was POURING RAIN!! Like, more rain that Utah gets in two years haha! So much rain and traffic. 

So we got to the temple and barely missed the 10:00 session, but that meant we were able to do some initiatories! Yay! Then we did an 11:00 session. I had asked our mission mom Sister Blair what I could do to get the most out of this experience and she counseled me to focus on one principle and learn all I could about that principle. So I focused on Faith, and it was really cool. I learned a lot. 

Also it was really, really special as it was a tiny, tiny session so we were basically the only people in it. At the end, Sister Fairchild, Sister Sellers and I were all sitting on the couch in the Celestial Room admiring the chandeliers and talking about what we learned. And I looked up at the stained glass windows and you would have NO CLUE that there was a giant storm with rain and wind and dark skies going on outside. The light streaming in through the windows and the bright peace that I felt was incredible. The temple, and the gospel really, is a refuges from life's storms. 

Afterwords we walked out into the rain and wind. We went to a crazy mall food court to get Chick-Fil-A! haha :) Usually the frantic mall is kind of overwhelming, but today it was like we had this little bubble of peace and spirit around us. So cool :)

I hope you all have a beautiful week :)

I love you!

Sister Brady

Last Week's Mission Conference

Monday, June 18, 2018

Week 47 - Lock-out, Spiders, General Authorities, Contacts, and Sleep Talking

Hello everyone!

Today we had a zone p-day and painted galaxy shirts, (super fun) and then went candlestick bowling.

This week was full of a lot of fun crazy things and beautiful spiritual things!

First off, we got locked out of our apartment, because the spirit told me to grab the spare keys and I didn't.. BUT it's okay because Heavenly Father was looking out for us and after we called about 6 people and no one answered and then prayed, someone called us back as soon as we said amen!

Also, in gospel principles there was a spider hanging from the ceiling and Sister Sellers tried to move it and swung it onto me and I made a very frantic sound and bolted from my chair in panic and disrupted the lesson haha, but it's alright!

Okay on a spiritual note, we had mission tour this week and Elder Stanfill from the Seventy and his wife came. It was amazing! He addressed the exact things I have been praying and pondering about, which is finding joy in the work in the hard times and personal revelation. He expressed that the mission culture is doing great and we don't need to work harder but we need to work smarter. I am very grateful for his guidance.

Driving to hear Elder Stanfill

Another funny thing, while on exchanges with Siter Taylor I just really wanted to see life through her eyes I guess because I accidentally put in her contacts!!And she put in mine! Then we were confused and blind and talked to some JW's for like 30 minutes. Wow, craziness.

Book of Mormon experience in Haverhill Mass

Okay another funny thing: Apparently I talk in my sleep, and this week Sister Sellers informed me that I sat up at 2 am - looked at her and declared "I'm gonna look fabulous!" and then laid back down! hahah!!!! Oh Man!

Finally, I would like to just take a second to recognize my dad this Father's day week. I am so grateful for his guidance and love. I realize I talk about him a lot, and he has taught me such valuable life lessons. I said in a recent FB post that being away from him is helping me understand my relationship with my Heavenly Father, even though I cannot physically see or hear either of them right now, I have no doubt that they are there and I can feel their support.

Have a happy week everyone!

Sister Brady

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Week 46 - Guard Geese

Hello All!......Sorry so Short....

This week:
  • We met crazy artist people in the park, got serenaded by a 7th day Adventist.

  • I got kind of sick so I made a our tissue box my friend I carried around.
  • We were given rhubarb and onions by a nice man.
  • We got chased by a goose statue that wasn't actually a statue!

The Guard Goose!

Me and Shasha-Tom's dog

We made a deal with Tom that if he prays we will where Deet

Last night we were walking around trying to do some contacts and I will be honest I was not in the best mood. But we kept pushing and kept trying and we ended up finding 2 really cool people in the last 45 minutes of the night! It was a testimony to me that when we get to the point that we think we can't move forward and turn to God and tell him that, then push a little more, He will bless us. 

I was extremely grateful. I hope that these new people go somewhere and progress. 

Love you All!

Cool murals in downtown Dover

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Week 45 - Tonight... we feast!

Hellllooo!!! So we got transfer calls this week and Sister Sellers and I are staying in Portsmouth! 

I am really happy to be staying with her because we have a lot of fun.

Us with the Somersworth Sisters

I am happy to be staying here with Tom and some of the ward members, 

The Fairchild Family

This also means that I will probably be here for 3 more months... and I am already out of ideas of what to do each day.. I really need some revelation for here! haha

Last week we didn't have time or money to get groceries so we were running a little sparce and thought we had no food. We then looked deep in the pantry and found stuffing, and cranberry mix and my Mom had sent soup mix - so we decided to have a mini Thanksgiving!! Hahah! It's the little things that brighten up our days! 

.......Then the Casualties of Thanksgiving Dinner:

I have been praying to know why I am here in this area and who I am here to touch.

We got a really nice text from Tom the other morning saying that he hopes we never forget that we have touched one lonely soul. 

I have wondered a lot lately about the people we influence and don't even know. For example we knocked on a random door yesterday and it was a friend of a guy we had talked to in the grocery store parking lot 6 weeks ago. He wasn't interested in learning more, but he remembered us and knew who we were.

I know that we much touch more lives than we know, of course we would love to see the effects of everyone we influence for good. But I know the angels in heaven take note. 

It also makes me grateful for all the times strangers have touched me with a compliment at the store or a good conversation on the shuttle at college. 

No good deed goes unnoticed by God :)

Portsmouth District

Have a happy week! I love you all!

Sister Brady