Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Week 44 - Mosquitoes and Miracles!

WOW!....What a week. This is the best week I have had in Portsmouth so far!

We broke our record of new people found to teach this week and followed crazy prompting to walk in random places or knock on random doors. I actually tracted a little bit which was new for me-didn't result in too much but hey we tried. 

Had some awesome exchanges with the Sisters in Derry and with the Sisters in Somersworth. I love exchanges, it is so fun to switch it up a little and learn something new from other Sisters and just see all these miracles!!

Sister Sellers and I are having a great time together and we both come up with these silly little dance moves to all of these songs and sing all the time and its the best! haha!

I am just extremely grateful for this week, and I have said lots of "gratitude prayers". 

Also, it is getting wicked hot and humid here and the bugs are coming!!!! Ah!! I am wearing bug spray and trying to stay away from anything crazy. 

We had a super fun district p-day today where we went mini-golfing and got burritos and ice cream and then went to the beach!

Something that I have learned this week is to be open to change your plans according to the spirit. Our finding time this week was planned but it was the least structured I have ever had so we were praying and relying on the spirit as we went, and it must have worked. I have noticed that when we heed the whispers of the Holy Ghost they get a little bit easier to reconize. Then we can reconize other promptings as they continue coming (like the prompting I had to grab a charger and then our phone surpisngly drained all its battery haha).   I am so grateful that we can have the Holy Ghost as our constant companion to guide us to make the most of the opporunties God gives us.  

I love you!

I hope you have a great week!

Sister Brady

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