Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Week 43 - Scripture Power!

Anchored in Christ 😉

This week we had zone conference and interviews with President Blair, which was awesome!

Most of our zone conference was about using the Book of Mormon because it is our greatest and most powerful tool in conversion. Scripture Power!

The next day I marked a bunch of verses like I really liked and had personal meaning to me. Then instead of giving out just a normal copy to someone we met on the street we would give them one with some of the best parts highlighted. And we saw some great miracles!!! I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon, I find more joy in it each time I read it. 

President gave some great encouragement for the work here and said if we continue to be obedient and continue doing our best then we are doing what we need to. 

Oh - I also got to go on exchange with Hermana Wallace and we had a blast! We gave out some scriptures, met some crazy people outside a motel, and then had the COOLEST MOMENT EVER! We went to go stop in on one of their investigators who is on date for baptism and his sister came out and asked who we are and what we do. So we explained and she got super excited and said " Oh I have this song, I think it is about Jesus can I show it to you?"....we were a little nervous but then she pulls out one of the songs that all the missionaries out here love by Hillsong United, and we totally sang this song with her by the beach! With this beautiful sunset! It was so crazy and so cool! One of my favorite moments of my mission! And now she is investigating as well!

It is those little moments and little miracles that are why we are out here and I am very grateful for them!

I love you !

Sister Brady

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