Monday, April 30, 2018

Week 40 - Facetime Baptism!

Wow this week has been go go go!....and my P-Day has been go go go!

But, I am super super excited for this new transfer! Sister Sellers is AWESOME! She is so cute and fun and has such a wonderful energy that I love! Finding with her was a blast and we have already seen some cool miracles, and once we are all adjusted it will be even better!

Tom is the most promising right now and he has been investigating the Church for a while. We have had some really cool conversations with him, and its really cool the feelings I have had during those conversations. I just really, really want him to have the blessings of the healing power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ because I KNOW IT IS REAL. I have felt that, and I cannot deny it. And I want so badly for him to feel it too!

Also, LAKALA GOT BAPTIZED!! Sister Allen and I were able to Facetime in and it was so wonderful!!! I got to see Sister Allen and Sister Haner and all the people from Keene that I love so much!! It was amazing to hear their kind words and to realize how much of a difference I was able to make there! I got to talk to Cheryl and Daryl (who adopted us when we had bedbugs) and they missed us so much. Sister Allen and I already have plans to go back together after our missions. And then I got to talk to Lakala!! And she was so happy and smiling and she was so excited to see us and we told her how proud we are of her and it was the best thing ever!!!

I am so excited for what is coming during this next transfer and I am ready to push through and work hard.

Love you all!!

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