Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Week 37 - A Bigger Picture :-)

This week we did have zone conference which was super fun and inspiring as usual :) And we had interviews with President Blair which were kind of therapeutic and very encouraging!

Zone P-Day

Our miracle ice cream sandwiches! 

I also got to go on exchange to Bedford with Sister Holmes (STLT) and we had a blast!

Us with JOE!! HAHAHA! I love him!!!! He is the cutest old man!!!!!!

Me and this crazy bearded man. 
(we had a zone challenge that day to find someone with the craziest beard)

We did see some miracles like finding a Spanish investigator and having a couple awesome lessons :)

I did want to share another miracle though. So my very first day in the field, the very first place we went in my first area was a soup kitchen. And while there I started talking with Mick, and picked him up as my first investigator. He was the first person I was studying and praying for as a missionary in the field. And trust me he gave us a lot of stress and anxiety and asked some hard questions! I would send him a text every single night to remind him to pray and read the Book of Mormon. So he has continued meet with the Sisters after I left.  Fast forward to now...Each week, all the missionaries in their first 6 weeks (Hermana Wallace) and their trainers (Sister McArthur and I) participate in a Skype call and get to share miracles. Since there is another trainee in Topsham (my first area) those sisters were on the call as well.....And the miracle that the Topsham Sisters shared is that Mick accepted a date to be baptized!!!....I screamed and literally jumped out of my chair!!! That was so crazy to hear! 

It was a huge testimony builder to me that during those hard days when I was doing my best and working my hardest and not feeling like I was seeing results that I really was making a difference. It is such an amazing feeling!

Now in this area I am having some of those hard days as well, feeling like I am working but not seeing any results. But hearing that from the Topsham Sisters gave me hope and let me see a little bit of a bigger picture!

So if any of you feel like your day-by-day efforts aren't making much of a difference, remember that God knows what is down the road. And that NO EFFORT IS WASTED, when it comes to doing what is right. We don't always see "results" or "blessings" right away, but we are successful when we are turning the the Lord, trying our best, and turning outward towards others.

I want each of you know know that all the little things you do matter. God sees them and the angels in Heaven see your good works. You are never forgotten and "By small and simple things, great things come to pass".

Have a wonderful week :)

Love, Sister Brady

Exchanges. haha! and Sister Mcarthur's "dark face".

Positivity chain on campus with Sister Garnett.

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