Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Week 36 - Happy April!!

Hello Dear family and friends!

This week we had lots of meetings! Mission Leadership Conference in Manchester, Zone Leadership Counsel with the Zone Leaders and District Leaders, and New Missionary Trainer's meeting! Craziness!

Mission Leadership Conference

All the Sister Training Leaders got to have a sleepover at the Mission President's home the night before our Mission Leadership Conference:

Some funny things that happened were buying clothes at the end of our p-day literally on our way to a dinner appointment because we hadn't brought a change of clothes for after zone p-day.

Miracle Pizza appearing in the fridge between Sunday sessions of conference when we forgot to bring a lunch (it turned out to be the Elders' oops, but they were happy to have "donated" to us.

It was so fun to go to Sharon Vermont again for the New Missionary Training for Sister Wallace. And I got to see Sister's Allen, Haner, Anderson!

Today we got Sushi and it was Sister McArthur's first time. 

Had an awesome service project with our whole zone moving trees for a lady whose husband just got deployed. 

Had a super fun Easter Event where we all had awesome booths!

And Conference!!!! I loved it so so much, I watch so differently than I did before my mission. It was all so focused on our Savior Jesus Christ and that His church has been restored and we are lead by a living prophet! How cool is that!! There were so many times when I just had to shake my head in awe that the church is so true. The spirit is so strong and I cannot ever deny that. I need to go study in depth all that was said, because right now I can't even pick a favorite! 

I also had a really random question that I had be answered during conference. When doing church tours on my mission I have wondered why we don't have a big picture of Christ in the chapel and it has always kind of made me sad because I would like one. But then in one of the talks someone was asking how you would feel if the Savior walked into Sacrament meeting. And I was thinking about it and trying to picture Christ sitting up on the stand, and that is when I realized that He probably wouldn't be sitting up on the stand, He would be sitting right next to me.
Christ is with me and beside me when I let Him and He is a true example of meekness and ministering as He would come and talk to me one on one and love me as me not just as a congregation. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter,

Love, Sister Brady

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