Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Week 35 - Inspired Knocking

Woah! Still trying to adjust here!

Right now I feel like we are talking so much about missionary work, and I just want to go out and DO IT! hahah 

I am missing all  my people on date for baptism in Keene, but I found out today they are still on date! So that is so exciting!

I guess this area has always had a bit of a hard time, but I would LOVE TO CHANGE THAT! Let''s flood it with the spirit!  Once we learn how to manage all of our responsibilities!

We had exchanges this week! I LOVE EXCHANGES!! They are so fun! I went to Georgetown with Sister Janson and she is adorable!

We met this guy Joe and just knocked on his door randomly and he invited us right in! He loves Jesus Christ so much and his wife so much - who just recently passed away. He then sang us these country songs he wrote! He is so cute! Don't know how good his memory is, but it will be good for us to get some teaching experience for Hermana Wallace.

I am still struggling to help her with learning Spanish.....I'm trying! I really am! This week I have just been praying a lot! :)

This week is Holy Week! Which is such an exciting and special week for us. I am so grateful for my Savior and the events as he ended His earthly ministry. When I read of Him and rely on Him it makes all of these things I teach more and more real and applicable in my life. I love the gospel. 
I love you all!!

Happy Easter:) Remember your Savior loves you :)

My Easter Dress from my Mom!....

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