Monday, March 19, 2018

Week 34 - Hermana !??!?!?

SURPRISE again!!!!...No, I am not being called as a Spanish-speaking missionary, BUT my Trainee is!!!!!!

Sister McArthur, Hermana Wallace, and Me

Hermana Wallace!!! Welcome to the mission!!! She is the cutest and has been in the Mexico MTC for the last 6 weeks. So we better get finding some Spanish people here in Portsmouth!

Also, this is Sister McArthur's last transfer of her mission, My Middle-ish transfer of my mission, and Hermana Wallace's first of her mission!....Crazy right!?

This week has been super stressful! Sister McArthur (who is the only one out of us three that knows this area) went to the temple on Saturday with someone from the beginning of her mission. (and she had a wonderful experience!) So Hermana Wallace and I were left to figure it out knowing nothing about the area!..haha! Although it was crazy, it turned out well. We did find a freezing, windy, St. Patrick's day booth! Sorry I didn't get any pictures :(:(:(

I apologize for in the past ever saying I was busy....because now I know what busy is! I hadn't washed my face in 3-days because I didn't have time! hahaha!...not okay. Our nights as Sister Training Leaders are insanely busy with calls to Zone Leaders and other Sisters. And the unpacking!!..haha!

We also have so many studies to do every day: Training Study and Language Study and End-of-Mission Study and Normal Study and Planning and......ahhhhh!!!

The teaching pool is really different here. I miss my Keene people! I bet I will find and come to love people here!

This ward is HUGE! And really great! I hope I can get to know them quickly! :) 

That is it for now because it has been such a frantic few days. I hope I start to adjust soon and get on top of everything again! This is one of those times I really need to just rely on the Lord!

Everybody get excited for Easter! If you haven't seen the "Prince of Peace" and "Principles of Peace" videos, please go watch them on Prayerfully pick one and do the suggested activities. (Like with Gratitude: saying a prayer of only Gratitude, or buying a box of "Thank You" notes and using all of them) and prayerfully go through your friends list on Facebook and share it with someone who could use a spiritual boost! :) I promise you will grow in love for that individual and for the Savior.

Have a great week! :)  Prayers are appreciated!

I had corned beef and cabbage at the Blackwell home and it was soooo good!

The STL Spanish Trio!


The Housers


Sister Aponte and her Fam, and Juan and Brandon who we were teaching.

Patrick. So awkward...Haha. I love it!

Kris and her crazy costumes.

My "Mom and Dad" Cheryl and Daryl who took us in during the bedbugs crisis.

Me and My First Trio

Nice Post from a Member in Keene.....

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