Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Week 33 - Trio Life Continues!!...In Portsmouth, NH!?


So our transfer calls came in on Monday night. Sister Allen has been in Keene 6 months now so she got to take pictures with people and say bye and all that Jazz.

The Alexis family made us this amazing Haitian meal and treated us so amazing and we had the best time with them - even though there was some silence at dinner because we don't all speak the same language.....but love is universal!!!! I LOVE THAT FAMILY!!

Okay...so then we get a call... and it is from President Blair! President only calls when big things happen. We were all ready to hear that Sister Allen is going Spanish speaking, because she has been learning it for a transfer. BUT NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM LEAVING!!!!?

I am going to Portsmouth, NH with Sister McArthur (who I have met once and is adorable by the way) as a Sister Training Leader! --- AND we are trio training a new Sister!!!! WHAT!? THAT'S AMAZINGLY CRAZY!!

Still very in shock because of our transfer news because we were so expecting Sister Allen to be leaving. I am sad to leave while individuals I have grown to love so much are progressing so well. Like Laklala, Dave, Becky, the Alexis family, and so many others - but I am grateful for the time I was able to be with them.

Today after washing my hands in the restroom, I just knelt down on the bathroom rug and prayed to my Heavenly Father that He would help me in fulfilling His purpose. I am sad to be leaving Keene, but I will go where He wants me to go and I am excited to learn all I can from Sister McArthur (who from the brief interaction with her I love) and our new Sister! I also love trio life, so I am excited. I am also a bit nervous but excited for the calling to serve as a Sister Training Leader in a new area with two new companions, but I am making it a goal to be humble and teachable and optimistic, and sensitive to the Spirit.

My companions are wonderful and I am going to miss them dearly. Sister Allen is such a phenomenal missionary, her work ethic is so admirable and the focus that she has on the investigator when we are teaching is so great.  Sister Haner is doing beautifully. The insights and testimony she shares in lessons and in training sessions always amaze me. She is learning the doctrine of the lessons well and is always giving wonderful new ideas! I am sad that I will not get to continue training her, but I have treasured the time that we have had.

We had a wonderful week here in Keene!! Who knew it would be my last! This truly is such a blessed area and people are prepared. We have been in a bit of a finding famine but that is alright because we are teaching a bunch, but we kicked ourselves into finding gear again and we tried some something new... and scary! We went TRACTING! hahah! None of us had ever done it before!!! But we brought Easter eggs in the middle of the Nor'easter and said we were the Mormon missionaries and we were trying to welcome in spring, and people LOVED it!!!! We were so surprised at how much we loved it! Then we were able to talk about the Prince of Peace and about a time we could come back, it was a great experience!

Miracle of the week was probably our members being amazing. We have done member-present planning and kept seeing over-and-over again our members inviting the investigators to church and giving them rides! It was amazing! Fellow-shipping is magical, especially when it is our recent converts doing the fellow-shipping! At church, Becky kept introducing herself and telling people she was working towards baptism and that it isn't a matter of IF but WHEN - so that is wonderful! Lakala is doing great and I have never seen someone so excited to learn about the Word of Wisdom! She has been standing up for her belief in the Book of Mormon in the face of some pretty harsh opposition. Dave had a wonderful lesson/church tour with Gene, and Gene rocked it! Unfortunately, Dave didn't come to church, but he is excited for his appointment - so we will find out why he didn't make it. Brian is on date, but it is more penciled in right now, so we will see. Mary is so hard to catch, but is wanting to come to the R.S brunch, and asked if she could bring something! Also, MAKENSON CAME TO CHURCH!...AND HIS BROTHER CLAUD! ...then they fed us Haitian food!! I hope those seeds are starting to grow in their hearts!

Also, we are in the middle of ANOTHER Nor'Easter storm currently! Hahaha! New England is the best!!

I just love Keene....a lot! But I am excited for the next phase of the mission adventure!

Love, Sister Brady

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