Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Week 32 - Dates.... Baptism Dates! ;)

Hello hello!

I got a lot of emails this week!! So, so exciting!!! I didn't download them earlier in our P-Day so I spent a lot of time reading and I don't have much time to write! Ah so sorry! But I LOVE getting emails of encouragement and pictures and news from home! It is so fun!! :)

In front of the Parish shoe wall from the original Jumanji movie because it was filmed in Keene, NH.

This week was great! We now have 4 people on date! Lakala, Brian, Mary and Dave. They are all awesome individuals. Through prayer and time and sweet/bold lessons and commitments we hope to see them all coming to church more consistently! :)

Some fun things this week was that we got to do family history twice! With Gene and with Kelly!! And wow! The spirit was so so strong, and it was so exciting to see how excited they got when we set up their accounts and they started seeing their family's names! Especially Kelly!...She thought it was the best thing ever!

Gene is seeing members all over town and they are so excited to see each other and that makes me so happy that he has such good relationships with the ward. And HE RECEIVED THE PRIESTHOOD!! Ah!! So exciting! He was just glowing and so proud of himself! I finally got some pictures of him! haha....and he's a goof! hahah! He is a classic New Englander!

Another fun thing. We went to visit a referral who was super super nice, but not all there! She kept telling us she was Dracula and showing us her fangs and telling us she had hundreds of kids. We then showed her the Prince of Peace video and she loved it haha! 

Okay, so this is MUD Season here. On our way out from this referral's crazy driveway, we spent about 30 minutes pushing these people's car out of the mud...in our dresses! hahah! Our shoes were filthy haha!

It is so, so fun when we have district meeting or zone conference or anything and to be united with other missionaries who are all excited about the work and have such wonderful testimonies and the joyful spirit that is there. :) At this district meeting some of the cute Sisters- Sister Jones  and Sister Anderson (who I came out with) gave us a special present in memory of being kicked out of our apartment due to bed bugs!!


I love my companions and we laugh and talk and pray and plan and teach and evaluate and eat and do everything together. It is the bestest thing ever! Being in a trio is a blast!

Us at a cute little diner called Lindy's diner.

Something really cool I noticed about striving to be more selfless and asking for Heavenly Father's help is that my prayers have changed, which I didn't expect. I have more of a desire to pray for the people I am teaching and their needs rather than my own. And when someone doesn't keep a commitment or an appointment falls through I am finding myself instead of being frustrated, I am praying for them and pleading for them.  It has been a cool small change and I hope it continues!!
This is such a beautiful gospel because it is Christ's gospel. I love Him and he is the perfect embodiment of charity and love. 

Have a wonderful week :)

Sister (bed-bug free) Brady :)

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