Monday, February 26, 2018

Week 31 - Wings like Eagles! 🦅

It has been a solid week here in Keene!

We didn't find a million people because our appointments didn't fall through as much - so that was wonderful! We are finding some more potential kingdom builders that may progress a little slower, but once they gain a testimony, they will be awesome!

I am so grateful for all the miracles and people we have here and my wonderful companions!

I have felt thus last week that I should be more selfless and so I am setting daily goals of complimenting people, asking about their lives or opinions more and just trying to not talk about myself.

My companions are wonderful! Sister Allen is trying to learn all the Spanish she can in her free time. Sister Haner is also progressing well. She spoke in church yesterday and did wonderful!! She is getting more comfortable with role plays and is excited to try new things!

My weekly goal is to become more selfless by studying the Savior' s example and setting daily goals to "TURN OUTWARDS"

We were blessed with an opportunity to put social media group messaging training into practice and had a really cool message lesson with pictures and voice recordings. Kelly, our recent convert was in the group message bearing testimony and promising blessings to others...It was so cool!

One of our investigators is now homeless, so that is hard. She was with her sister over the weekend so she couldn't attend Church, but texted us and told us that she attended her sister's church today with Joseph Smith in mind!....So cute.

Okay and of course I'll list of the crazy happenings of the week!!!!! 
  • We are still living with the Schillemat's because of the bed bugs! Basically we are all named Sister Schillemat now because we have been adopted. It is actually really fun because we feel like we have parents again to tell about our day! They have taken such good care of us.
  • To kill the bed bugs, they have had to heat up our apartment to 130 degrees!!!!!! And basically burn them up for a few days! haha!! We will be going back to our apartment in the next day or two. 
  • IT WAS 70 DEGREES OUTSIDE ONE DAY THIS WEEK!!!! IT WAS AMAZING! Then it snowed the next day! Warm temperatures were fun while it lasted.
  • Dropped the pipe guy because of scary vibes!
  • Had 2 lessons in coffee shops!!???
  • Had French food for a meal appointment. 
  • Cancelled the last 2 hours of church because of weather - but honestly it was fine and we just kept doing our missionary work! haha

The lesson with our Liberian Investigator was crazy!! We were having a pretty good lesson about Christ and our personal relationship with Him. He is still is not reading the Book of Mormon so it's frustrating. But he gives us missionary tips because he just loves what we do! And then at the end he said he had a scripture for us:
             Isaiah 40:31-  But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.  

......then he starts preaching to us (with his awesome thick accent) about how we can fly like Eagles with the Lord. And then we prayed and he had us all hold each others' hands and he was SO passionate in his prayer. He was yelling blessings at us - literally YELLING! It was crazy!!!! He was yelling all nice good spiritual things and stuff about us flying like Eagles....but yelling!! hahaha.....We left and we were like - "What just happened!?" 

But, the experience did inspire me to make my prayers more meaningful....Not that I am going to start yelling in my prayers, but to have that zeal and excitement and feeling because we are literally talking to our Father in Heaven. I want to do some prayerful study on prayers this week and I would like to invite you to do the same. I hope to deepen the meaning of my prayers and really use that tool and gift God has given us. 

Well I love you all!! Have a wonderful week!!



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