Monday, February 19, 2018

Week 30 - I don't even know what to title this email.... haha

Hi hi hi!!!!

If you thought missionary work in New England was boring......then guess again!! Craziness all around! 

Most of the week can be explained in the pictures I sent.  But I will just name some of the great/fun/crazy stuff! 😁

Here are some other highlights:
  • We wrote love letters to Heavenly Father for Valentines Day FHE and it was amazing and super spiritual. Highly recommended!
  • We had a Zone Conference themed on Love and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 
  • We then had exchanges with Sister Magoon. 
  • We then had some crazy downtown finding because we accidentally stole the Sister Training Leader's phone. So while they drove 2 hours to come back and get it, we took selfies with random couples and tried to make them investigators. 
  • Then...MY DAD IS THE BEST!!! And got me surprise Valentines Flowers!! ❤❤❤❤ I love him!! 

  • We showed the "Prince of Peace" Easter video to this guy Ben while he loaded his pipe with probably some illegal drug. 
  • We went to a dinner appointment clear out in the boonies and drove through crazy fog through a narrow icy one-way road in the middle of the deep dark woods. It was amazing.

  • Went to the most hippie town with the nicest, craziest people. Brattleboro, Vermont...Loved it.

....Then it happened!.....We told one of the mission leaders about the itchy bites we were getting. They then told us to wash every single item of clothing we owned, 

.....and in the process we found it!.......One. Dead. Bedbug! 

When we called to tell the leaders, Elder Smith said, "This changes everything!" they had us pack everything up and moved out!! 

We are now living with the Schillemats, who are the best members ever, and they have basically adopted us. I am so so grateful to them!!

We visit so many homes, but we are pretty sure it is one of two different homes that gave the bed bugs to us.... 

But guess what!! While doing all our laundry for 4 hours.....Miracle!...we found 2 new Investigators, gave 2 Books of Mormon, found 2 really solid potentials, and taught a restoration lessons. Wahoo! The Lord works in mysterious ways! this case, Bedbugs! 😂

Investigators: We have two female investigators on date for baptism. One is progressing well, but we want to make sure she really understands everything. The other we may have to drop soon... She just lost keeping commitments. Bret and Paul are both in the same boat where they're so close but just being really analytical. John is a young single adult who is really hot and cold so we are still checking for real intent but he comes to church with his aunt each week. Still not much with Claud's son but we stopped by yesterday to show the "Prince of Peace" video and had a great discussion with some of the girls in the homes and Claude and his son came and sat in. 

Also we have an investigator Don that is surprisingly progressing pretty well! He kind of reminds me of Gene! And I still need to send a pic of him!

Anyway we are having a blast.....but we are also drained! haha!

But on a spiritual note. I highly recommend writing a Valentine's letter to our Heavenly Father. Because He is a God of Love and He has given us Everything! When I wrote out my letter, it deepened my love for Him and if was a really special experience.

Love you all!!

Goodnight sleep tight, don't let the bedbug bite HAHAHA  😂😂😂😂😂😂 I crack myself up sometimes😂😂😂

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