Monday, February 12, 2018

Week 29 - "I'm looking for a wife".... what!?!?!

Hi family!

So this week had it's ups and downs. Miracles and heartbreaks. Funny moments and hard moments.

So here we go!

Gene got confirmed yesterday!!! Wahoo!! We are so happy for him, and he seems to be doing great! He is sad that we only will meet with him once a week now, but he understands. The ward is taking great care of him as well and he should be getting the priesthood here in a couple weeks!

Also, Chris went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. We haven't really gotten to talk to him much about it yet, but it is super exciting! Because I guess there is a stat that says if converts get to the temple within 60 days of baptism they are a certain percentage more likely to stay active.

And on that note, Kelly is going to be getting interviewed for her temple recommend soon! 

The saddest news of of the week.... I will just get it out of the way. So we went to go teach Claude on Saturday and walking up to his door I felt a sinking feeling...but just ignored it because earlier that day a lady had yelled at us in the store for inviting her to learn and we were a little shaken by it. But while we were there, Claude's son told us that he was no longer going to be coming to our church and that we didn't need to teach him anymore. This is what they meant by heartbreak on your mission.... Just last Sunday he was so so excited for his baptism on March 3, and we still aren't sure the reasoning. He said he was married in the Catholic Church so he was going to stay there, but there has to be more... really sad.

Then we had to drop a couple other people on date because they kept not being able to meet, so they aren't progressing and on track for their dates... ugh!

Also one of the reasons one of our appointments fell through was because our investigator got arrested for car vandalism right before we got there... yikes!

Okay! Enough with all the sad stuff!.............I will talk about happy/funny stuff because life always gets better!

Sister Haner's Birthday Dinner!

We did some Valentine's finding which was a blast! We had these little emoji chocolates and had people pick one and then we asked a question with it and then got into conversations and got a couple new investigators! Here are the emojis and the questions we asked:

😍 What do you love most? 
😎 What's the coolest thing you've ever done?
😜 What is your craziest story? 
What makes you happy? 
😗 Who do you admire most? 
😛 What is your funniest story?

One of the people we asked these questions to was the Parker family who are really nice, super classic new Englanders, with accents and all. I love it!

And we got a referral!!! Wahoo!! Her name is Meah. She is a Mom of 4 and is so cool! We talked to her on her porch for a long time! We are putting on a big family night tonight and we are hoping she can come!

Okay 2 funny things then I will let you go! Haha! 

So #1: We were getting in the car to drive to church........

 ..........and I said, "I feel like I am forgetting something" and Sister Allen said, "We probably are!" Then we just laughed and went to church. Then, as we were walking in to ward council, Sister Haner said, "Aren't you two speaking today?".....AHHHHH YES!    So we frantically wrote talks and ended up both going over way to long...Awkward!.. But really funny! 

#2: Finally, for my title. We were eating dinner in our apartment one night and we got a call from one of our Liberian friends who moved to Lebanon, NH. And he said "Hi is this Nicole?" and I said , "No, this is Sister Brady." Then he said, "Oh, okay, so I have a question for you. Do you have a boyfriend?" We were all shocked and I said, "yes?" And he said, "Oh okay, well that doesn't matter. I got a message from my mom and she says I need to find a wife. I'm not looking for a girlfriend. I am looking for a wife. I want a church girl, so what do you think?" HAHAHAHAHAHA! I explained that we are missionaries and so we just share the gospel and don't date or anything on our missions. He then said, "Okay, well can you find me another church girl? Doesn't matter, black or white. I just need an honest woman!" hahah! We told him that he could go to church and maybe find a wife. And then we asked how his Book of Mormon reading was going and he said that he reads it every night... don't know if that's true but it would be cool if it is! Then we got a call from the Elders in Lebanon....... turns out they met him on the street there and are now teaching him! So funny. 

Now on to a spiritual note. I just want to put in a little plug about how God does answer prayers. One of our investigators has gotten into a bit of anti-Mormon stuff and is bringing up all these things. I really wanted my testimony of Joseph Smith to not be shaken. So I came to God again in prayer asking if Joseph Smith was a prophet. It took a couple days, but God had it work out so I could answer my own question. We were re-teaching the Restoration to Gene, and as I shared the story of the First Vision, I told him that I know that it is true because of the Book of Mormon and the joy it brings me. And I know its true because of the undeniable spirit that fills the room and my heart every time the First Vision is shared. It is so true - I cannot deny that. Really cool.

Well,  I love you all! Have a fantastic week!!!

Sister Jenna-bug Brady

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