Monday, February 5, 2018

Week 28 ' "The font is falling apart!"

Hi hi!

So a counselor in the Bishopric came up to us and told us that some of the tiles on the font fell off and joked that it was because we were using it too much because KELLY AND GENE GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!! I am so happy! It was amazing (and pretty stressful) but mostly amazing! haha!

This was our first week with Sister Haner!!! She is the sweetest!! She is from Ogden Utah and is the middle of 9 girls! She is doing fantastic!

Literally the first day we took her out finding and the first 2 people we talked to became new investigators! By the end of the evening she was asking people "if they were religious". Then the next day we had an emphasis on teaching! We did some role plays before some lessons and then did some 'setting expectations' in a lesson and she boldly testified and rocked it! Then the third day we had Kelly's baptism!.....So finding, teaching and baptizing all in the first 3 days!

Sister Haner is so genuine, and prays so sincerely and it melts my heart! She is already doing so fantastic. If my mission started out with some of these experiences, I wonder what a difference it would have made! She is not only learning how to be a missionary, but a successful missionary! And I am so proud of her already!

With the 3 of us, there has been so much laughter and fun during meal hours and in the evenings. We are having a blast being obedient and truly finding joy in the work. And being so excited about all the miracles that happen!!

Okay so Kelly's baptism!.......

Once we got her in her jumpsuit, we had some great talks and then we got to the service. She just gracefully slipped right under the water and up! haha! She came out and I hugged her with the towel and she was just smiling her cute little no-teeth smile. Her eyes were so clear and bright and she said she felt "Awesome" :) ah!!! That night she texted us and said: "Thank you so much ladies for everything, you helped me get where I am now".

Gene was on his way to come support Kelly at her baptism, but Satan is the worst! On his way to her baptism his truck broke down- which is a huge hard thing for him because life is already hard. But he has too much faith to let that deter him!....Because the next day was Gene's baptism!

In the morning we texted him to ask how he was doing and he said "Hungry, but good"......because two days earlier we had taught him about fasting! So he was fasting for his baptism!!! So aweseome! He invited family and friends and it was amazing! Can't wait to see him again!
....and pictures with Gene disappeared!!!! I am heartbroken!!!   :(:(:(

Okay and one last thing, funny story. So last week we contacted this guy Micheal on the street and then he totally stood us up for his return appointment. But then a couple days ago we went to visit George (our Liberian friend)and guess who had just moved in with him earlier that day???!!!!.... Micheal!...hahahahah!!!! You can't hide!!!!! haha! God has a sense of humor I can tell you that!

Anyway, life is good. Trios are great! And missions are the best!

Love you all!!

Sister Brady

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