Monday, January 29, 2018

Week 27 - MIRACLES! NEXT WEEK 3X THE MIRACLES Because..... Drum-roll....

Hello hello!

Crazy P-Day today! We have zone P-Day today and we are at the Lowell, Massachusetts chapel, which is forever-and-a-half away from away from Keene, NH! So we had to do super speedy grocery shopping and cleaning and prepping our apartment for........ I'll tell you later! (hehe)

This week we broke our own personal records for people at church and new investigators found! Which is so so exciting! We found 3 families!?!?! What?! I have been praying for families! I really hope they follow through and end up being solid!

We have been tying up any loose ends for the baptisms this next week in lessons, and our 2 baptism candidates are doing WONDERFUL! They are both so so excited! In church yesterday they were announcing their baptisms in every meeting which was so exciting, and also really good for all our our investigators that were there this week! We had 2 recent converts (Claude and Chris) there and a less-active there that we have been working with.

More good news!!! Makenson (Claude's son) is getting baptized!! And guess who he wants to baptize him! His DAD!! Claude!! This family is my favorite! I love them so much, but there are so many members of that family that I don't even know them all! They all speak Haitian, so that is hard. But laughs and smiles are universal! haha 

Sister Aponte's nephew living with her and he is really interested in learning! It is crazy! He came to church and everything. He is excited to progress but asked us to be patient with him. 

Sorry this is rushed but finally the news we have all been waiting for.........TRANSFER NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been dying to hear about transfers because we are on the edge of so many amazing things and neither of us wanted to leave! We are working really well together and having a lot of fun! (We are in lessons most of the time and there isn't even much time to take picures... I'm sorry I'm trying)!! 

The whole day and weekend we heard nothing about transfer news. As we were driving home late last night, the phone started ringing.....and it was President Blair.....What!?  President said that the Lord has a funny sense of humor. He asked how it was going, then said that there are only 2 new sister missionaries coming out this transfer from the MTC, and he wants one of them to be trained in Keene! But.......he said he doesn't want to split up a great companionship. Sooooo.......WE ARE TRIO TRAINING!! AHHH.....I am so excited! It is like the best of all worlds! Sister Allen and I get to stay and continue all of our great stuff, and this new Sister is coming to the BEST AREA EVER!!! 

Pray for us! :D

I just want to share quick testimony that the more I learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom here on the the earth, the more beautiful I realize it is! I love it! and I love our Savior! And I love Keene! And I love being a missionary!!!

Love YOU - Sister Brady!!

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