Monday, January 22, 2018

Week 26 - "Hey, I'm down to meet and get closer to God"


While teaching Gene, we knew that one of the last things holding him back was tithing. It is a HARD commandment for any of us, but especially for Gene as he lives in a 10x12 log cabin, off the grid. He doesn't have home insurance and the city doesn't recognize his place as an actual home. He doesn't have electricity or water or power or heat. And we are teaching him about his law of tithing. Last week, he said that he didn't think he could do it. So we prepared this lesson. Where we taught about the sacrifices of the early saints. Then Sister Allen played and I sang,  "Come come ye Saints". And taught how they emphasized on the "All is well". Gene picked out lyrics he liked about how the trials we have now are nothing in the eternal perspective. We then tied it into tithing, and he totally shocked us! He said: "yeah i want to do it, I just need to know how much and how". WHAT!? So we asked, "Gene after you are baptized will you live the law of tithing," and he said, "After I'm baptized!? I need these blessings now!!" hahahaha HE IS AMAZING!!!

Then Gene and Kelly passed their BAPTISMAL interviews and now we are figuring out details for their baptisms. (We want them both to have a special individual experience and we weren't planning on them being ready to go for the same weekend! I guess it is a good problem to have though!). 

President Blair came to interview Gene and Kelly - after their interviews, we had an accidental, unplanned party. We ended up having 2 members of the Bishopric, President and Sister Blair, the Relief Society President, us, and Gene and Kelly all together eating soup in the chapel. haha 

One of the days we had all of our appointments fall through (Boo). So we grabbed some shovels from the church and asked people if we could shovel their driveways because it was dumping snow!!!!!! This pic is for all my friends in Central/South America hahah!! 

Our Haitian member Claude was given the priesthood, and that was a very very special experience. It was us, him, his son, and the Bishopric. We know they can't understand all that was said, but we know they understood what they felt. After the blessing, he just couldn't stop smiling, he shook all of our hands and then the Bishop gave him a huge hug, and he was just smiling. And then he just sat down on his seat with his face in in hands and cried and cried. He has been waiting so long. He said when he was 15 missionaries taught him in Haiti and "taught him the truth". And now he is well on his way on the path that leads to eternal life. There now is a priesthood holder in their home and the family is going to see so many blessings. So so amazing.

We found so many investigators this week which was really fun! Some of them are just hilarious people that we aren't sure how solid they are, but hey, we are doing what we have been taught and inviting everyone to learn. However, this week we are going to be praying specifically to find quality rather than quantity. Truly prepared people. And I have such a strong desire to find a family. Oh I would love to teach a family so badly.

Also Chris-our recent convert- took us to Applebees because he is the best and now he is a member so he signs up to feed us all the time haha! 

Also we had an amazing lesson with a kid our age. He was taught before, then moved and now he is back. when we were setting up the appointment he texted us and said, "hey I'm down to meet and get closer to God". I just thought it was the funniest thing! hahah! And when we asked him if he wanted to be baptized he said, yes for 3 reasons. 1-to rid him self of guilt and shame 2-to get closer to Christ 3-to start over new. So basically he is quoting Preach my Gospel hahaha SO GREAT!

Sister Allen and I are doing really well. We are working hard and have really taken on a culture of goal setting and striving for improvement and reviewing progress within ourselves. Our biggest hardship is probably time, because we are just running from appointment to appointment and are trying to make time to evaluate right after teaching but seem to not be able to, so we are working on that. We are also finding joy in the work and keeping each other laughing and smiling-we are so excited for all the wonderful things the Lord has entrusted us with here in Keene and love it.
I am doing well! I am so so amazed and excited about all these wonderful things we are right on the edge of!

God is good. This is His work.


Sister Jenna Brady

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