Monday, January 15, 2018

Week 25 - "I want a Book of Mormon!"...and,"I want to get Baptized!"

Hello everyone! 

First off, thank you so so much for all the birthday wishes!!! 

I can't reply to everyone on Facebook and everything, but I so appreciate you all!  I don't' like that I am 20 though...that's too old! haha! 

This week was great! Pretty normal in a good way! We had lots and lots of lessons! :) Which is such a blessing! Really, we don't have much time for finding because we have so many lessons! One of the people we did find and started teaching was a sweet old lady who is in a wheelchair and doesn't have any legs, but loves Jesus so much! By the end of our first time conversation with her she was crying because she was so happy to see good young people and she knew God sent us to her so she would have some meaning to life.
Our return appointment with her was so cute. We helped her with a couple little thngs around her apartment and then we sat down said and she said, "So what are we going to talk about? Can we talk about baptism?....That's what the chapter in the book you gave me was about!"....hahah...What!? SO cool! She wants to be baptized just how Christ was baptized! I Love it!

So the morning of my birthday Saturday I made myself CINNAMON ROLLS for breakfast!

That day I also had a Wonderful, Wonderful birthday dinner at the Hausers....our Ward Mission Leader's house! They got a recipe from my mom and made my favorite meal from home! 

And they made me more CINNAMON ROLLS!!!!!


And Kelly and Rose made me cupcakes! SO CUTE :-) I Love Them :-) Super great! 

Our friend from Liberia wants us to come visit him and talk about 'God in Africa' with him someday. So that's cool! Believe it or not, on my mission here in New England I feel pretty cultured! I have met and talked with a good amount of Muslim people, who are super nice. I've had Iranian food. We teach our Haitian family - who are so great! They are always watching Liberian movies (that we try not to see) We have other investigators from Liberia. And then on Christmas Eve we talked to this nice Mexican man and once again proved that I am terrible at speaking Spanish! haha! 

Last night we had a lesson where there was 6 adults and a 3-year old - when we were expecting only 2 adults. It was crazy and all over the place. Although, by they end they were all saying things like: "I want a Book of Mormon!" and: "Oh I want one too" and: "I would love to get baptized" and: "Yeah! How can I do that?".....It was insane! But we really need to make sure they understand all that goes into baptism first! :-) 

President Monson's funeral was really, really sweet. It was special for us missionaries because he is the Prophet that assigned our mission calls. I am so extremely grateful for him and all he has done for the Kingdom of God. I am also excited to welcome in our new Prophet this week! :-)

I love you all!


Sister Brady

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