Monday, January 8, 2018

Week 24 - Grounded.......

Hello Hello!!

I hope you are all having a lovely lovely week! This week was Happy cold snowy January! I love it!

Our fingers are cold but our hearts are warm!!!  I love being a missionary even if it is -21 degrees.....*laughing crying emoji*, *crying emoji* hahah!

This week was a little bit slower number wise. We were not getting as many new investigators as usual- lots of people were just saying no even though they were really nice. We are always talking about ways we can improve, so this week we were talking a lot about what we could change in our finding.

Also church attendance was really low due to the cold weather and some last minute ride complications and such. So we were pretty sad about that. We are going to be extra diligent in our church planning this week. BUT we had 3 less actives at church who we have been working with! So that was super exciting!!

Also this week we got "grounded" one day! Which meant we couldn't use our car and then they made it so we couldn't even leave our apartment!!! We tried to use the Lord's time wisely and make the most of every minute and still do missionary work. It actually turned out great! We used some of the wonderful tools the Lord has given us... smart phones, Facebook, messenger, video chat, etc. And had some lessons and good Gospel conversations a number of people!

We got some cool phone calls/texts this week.  On the way home from District Meeting (which was a day later because of weather) We got a phone call from an inactive member and he said "Hi!.. I have been inactive for a while now and I really have missed the blessings of the church, and I would like to come back"... SO COOL! Then somehow our schedule opened up and we were able to see him. And he has such a fire!!! He is back and ready to go and he would be a great fellow-shipper for so many people!

We got a call from Ronda and she said, "Hi Sisters this is Ronda, first off I would like to schedule a baptism date..." What!?

Then we got a text from Tom saying, "So if I were to join the church how would I go about doing that... it quite possibly is something I want to do". Wow!

And we set a date with Mandi who is a great mom and is going to be a kingdom builder! We have said lots of gratitude prayers :).

Kinda slow progress with some others and helping some through Word of Wisdom issues, but we have faith!!!

I went on exchanges with Sister Bannon to Lowell Massachusetts! It was super fun! She was trained in Bath, Maine too so we know a lot of the same people and she is hilarious and I love her!! She is a pretty recent convert actually and her testimony is AWESOME!!   

So it was the most hipster day of my mission. We went to this cool little hipster strip mall for finding and talking to this soap maker guy from Greece for a long time. Talked to people about Yoga and custom printed lettering cards and somehow always tied it back to the gospel! haha. So cool! Then we went and had a lesson with this guy at this super healthy vegan place that was actually yummy. He is GOLDEN! Really guys!....he has even memorized the Articles of Faith! What!?So cool!!!

Anyway numbers may not show it but it was a super cool week. I can't wait for the next week :)

Peace out from your Hipster Missionary

Sister Brady :)

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