Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Week 23 - New Year....New CHRIS!

Guess what everybody?!!!! CHRIS GOT BAPTIZED!!!

Ahhhhhhh! We are so happy and he is so happy and God is so happy and we are all so happy!!
He is so great!!! He will be attending the YSA ward, but we will see what we will be doing with New member lessons. Also, he is making us Shepherd's Pie for us this week, so that will be fabulous! 

It has been a wonderful week here in Keene!! We found more investigators than we ever have before and it is just miracle after miracle!! And we will see how all of their return appointments go!! 

We had the opportunity to speak at the re-baptism of a now new member and it was a really small service but it was very very spirit filled. 

We also set a new baptismal date with Gene!...Ah!..he is the best. He has a fire testimony of the Book of Mormon and is so great. He has been bringing his friend Aaron to lessons and Aaron was asking about why we need to not smoke and Gene just starts quoting scriptures about "Be ye clean", and "Our bodies being a temple for our spirit", and Sister Allen and I were happily shocked. It was awesome! haha

And we started the 'Stop Smoking' program with Kelly, and wow!...she is a rock star!! She has SO MUCH FAITH!! It is truly inspiring. The first step was to crush the pack of cigarettes she had. She didn't just crush the box like we asked, but she pulled each of them out of the box and snapped them each into tiny pieces!!!  Wahoo!!!!!

I love this "all in" attitude that she has shown us. I hope each of us when we realize we need to make changes in our lives we go "all in" and then rely on the Lord to make it happen according to His will. I am learning so much from these people!!!

We also set some goals to share with President in our interviews. My Mission goals are: 
  1. To LOVE!!! Love God, Christ, those I teach, my companion, and the work
  2. Have JOY in the work
  3. Be a good TEACHER
  4. Reflect Christ's LIGHT
  5. Be exactly OBEDIENT
  6. Witness MIRACLES

We have been sharing the story of the Brother of Jared with members and discussing how he was left to come up with a plan on his own. He found these meager stones and brought them to the Lord - and the Lord touched them and lit them up even brighter than what the Brother of Jared had planned.

As we set goals and make plans and bring them to the Lord, He will bless them and light them up! I hope this encourages you on your righteous goals this new year.

Also it is FREEZING!!! Like -3 Freezing! But it is expected to get into the -teens sometimes, so we are dying! haha

WE HAD CHICK-FIL-A!!!!!!!!!!!!   I have been waiting 5 1/2 months for this!!!! 

Ah!....The Church is True Friends!

Love you!!

Love, Sister Chick-fil-a

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