Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Week 22 - We weren't just dreaming of a white Christmas!


It is the most most wonderful time of the year!!!! But not just because of festivities but because of the AMAZING new area that I am in!!! 

I cannot express how EXTREMELY humbled and grateful I am that I have the honor of serving here in Keene, NH. It is truly such a blessed area. With amazingly prepared people and we find new people nearly every day. 

My New District

It is such a boost to me to see people so close to baptism and the fire and excitement and the spirit that they have. I love them all dearly already. We see so many miracles. and I am trying to really make it a point to express gratitude to our Heavenly Father every moment I can. It was truly the best Christmas present I could have ever gotten to be able to have the lessons we have every single day that we just get to testify and teach! Ah I love missionary work!!!

Sister Allen is a fantastic missionary! I love her very much. She is such a great example to me in so many ways! One of those is how she asks wonderful inspired questions. And I love it!! We have been learning and working together and we are excited to see the miracles that will keep coming if we work hard and are grateful!!

The Derr Family

Some of the biggest miracles is that we got invited over by a ton of investigators for Christmas so we got to spend it with them! Ah it is truly amazing to see people so excited to enter the waters of baptism!!!!!! 

I have decided that my personal theme this transfer is "Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings". pray, pray, pray. and listen

Christmas was fantastic!! Actually last minute got invited over by a bunch of investigators to spend it with them so that was amazing! We started the morning with planning of course and then a beautiful morning of wonderful gifts! 

And then we got a text that said our cars were grounded until 2:00 due to the weather! We were going to do service at a rest home and we started walking there in the almost knee deep snow. We were laughing at ourselves the whole time! But then we felt like we were not being productive because it was taking us so long to walk, so we stopped and prayed and both felt like we should go back to this one neighborhood - so we did. It took a bit longer than expected but we ended up talking to a ton of people. Picked up one guy as investigator and got some solid potentials!

Then I got to talk to my FAMILY!! Ah they are the cutest!!!!!!

When my family answered the Skype call, this is how they greeted me:

Ah I was smiling and laughing the whole time!!!! I loved every second of it!!! I really noticed how big Dylan is getting! And Brookelle is so beautiful! And Jackson is such a stud! And ah my Momma and Daddy..... I love them! Grandpa Jack who I have been thinking a lot about lately. And Uncle JB too!! ! am so so blessed with the most amazing family.


Okay so we have 6 people on date for baptism here!!!!! Chris this Saturday! Gene, Tom, Thomas, Kelly, Mackenson! So cool. We set the date with Tom just this week :) Everyone is so amazing!   Mackenson's dad just got baptized and the whole family is from HAITI! How stinkin' cool is that?!!

Also this area was not part of my mission when I first got my call. And the neighboring area is where my ancestors first joined the church. I really am returning to my roots. What an amazing blessing that I get to serve here. 

Wow. Wow. Wow. So wonderful!

To finish off I want to express how much I love my Savior. I just simply want to say that it is the biggest honor to stand as a witness of Him and I am coming to know Him better than ever before. 

Merry Christmas!

I love you.

Love, Sister Brady

Pictures from last week as I prepared to leave Bath, Maine:

Me and Sister Morrison. I will miss her!

My MTC companion Sister West took my place in Bath!!

Me with Carol Anne

Sister Watkins and her cute Baby!

The Atwater Family

Monday, December 18, 2017


Hello, Hello!!!

Biggest news: I am LEAVING MY BABY AREA (First Area). Yep Sister Brady is leaving her crib.

I have been packing, packing, packing, all day and then we went to the post office to get stuff off for Christmas and just barely sat down to email!

It has been a fun, cold, snowy week.

First Experience with Freezing Rain!

I am going to miss Sister Morrison and I am sad I only get to be with her for a little bit. I am going to miss Bath and the people and the ward here. Although, I wish with all my heart and spirit that I could have seen someone I have been teaching here be baptized. I can honestly say I feel like I left this area better than I found it.

Then just having a tons of fun in the SNOW!

Here was one of our Light the World Projects!

I am really excited for this new fresh start. I am going to KEENE NEW HAMPSHIRE!!!!! My companion is named Sister Allan. She just finished being trained, so I am going to be "greenie breaking" her! From what I have seen she is SO CUTE! I am way excited because I have a feeling we are going to get along great!!

Well, I :Love You. I Love Bath. I Love Christmas. I Love Missionary Work. I Love Our Savior.

Sorry this is so short but I sent a million pictures to make up for it :)


Sister Jenna Brady

Going to miss my District:

Me and Sister Canton:

Me and the Youlands:

Me and Brother Jeff Curtis:

Monday, December 11, 2017

Week 20 - F-e-l-i-z N-a-v-i-d-a-d!!!!!

Hello Hello!

Happy Christmas Season everyone!!!!! 

This week has been wonderfully crazy!

We found a cute family that we are so so excited to teach! We got to teach Sheri and her boyfriend and that is a HUGE miracle because we have been trying to get in with them forever!!!!! (and we didn't even know her boyfriend was interested!) So great! We also picked up some other new investigators we are way excited about!!

Just messing around!.....

Wednesday Sister Morrison was really sick.....So I got to play nurse! But I was praying in my personal study that morning what I could do to help her and I opened up to this scripture and started laughing out loud because I think it is so funny! Alma 17:7....."Nevertheless they departed out of the land of Zarahemla, and took their swords, and their spears, and their bows, and their arrows, and their slings; and this they did that they might provide food for themselves while in the wilderness."

And then I found James 5:14...."Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord".........hahahah!!!Soooo we called the Elders because the scriptures told us to, and she got a blessing and the next day she felt well enough to go out! And miracles followed!........

All those new investigators!! Wahoo! I cannot wait to see where they go and I'm sure that at least some of them will progress and those we are already teaching will keep progressing!

Also we had our Mission Christmas Conference! Which was so fun!!!! We had 4 other sisters stay over the night before so that was crazy! But wonderful! At the conference President and Sister Blair spoke and Elder and Sister Hawks spoke. We had a sing along, had a beautiful dinner, I got to see my MTC companion Sister West and it was so fun and festive!!! 

Last night we had a fun YSA activity with the Elder and Sister Walker! (President Hinkley's daughter and son-in-law) They are so so cool I am so grateful to be able to serve so close with them! :)

Our theme this month is BELIEVE. I think that is very fitting. We have talked a lot about "Be not afraid, only believe". And we have been applying it to our high goals in missionary work and our hopes and desires for the people we love so dearly to progress! But it also is just as applicable for everyone, not just in missionary life. A lot of times we have a hard time believing, but with Christ all is possible. 

Do you believe in Christmas? Do you Believe in Christ? I DO! And I know that the wonderful magic feeling of Christmas is just a glimpse of the joy that we can have through Him. :)

It is the most wonderful time of the year!  (Also it snowed so we are way pumped about that!)

And about my e-mail subject: I know I am not a Spanish-speaking Sister missionary - but our current favorite Christmas song just happens to be in Spanish!




Monday, December 4, 2017

Week 19 - "Could I take you out for coffee when you aren't serving the Lord?"


I always really LOVE Christmas, but as a missionary you EXTRA love Christmas because you EXTRA Love Christ! Ah so great!

So we were pretty overwhelmed this week. We have a lot we are trying to do and it feels like just not enough time to do it! 

On Monday we had District P-day which was fun. We really just all chilled and played volleyball and listened to Christmas music. And I am not really good at volleyball - but I like it! :) But, because there was music playing - I can't help but dance! (also I was in pants so I felt so free!) and when Sister Brady tries to dance and play volleyball at the same time it doesn't work out so well.... and I rolled my ankle-sad. But it's alright because I was wearing my Christmas sweater and everything is better when you are in a Christmas sweater!

We had some great teaching appointments:
  • Teaching Mick about the Plan of Salvation while using 2 Nephi Chapter 2 (because he loves the Book of Mormon). 
  • Teaching Robin about Tithing and testifying about some miracles recently that have occurred because of Tithing. 
  • Teaching Melanie about how much the Savior loves her and that he can heal. 
  • Teaching the Gospel Principles Class on the Millennium last minute. 
  • Lots of other great Gospel Lessons :)

Also we have been doing Light the World things!! So!!.....
  • Day #1 we freely gave out compliments :)

  • Day #2 we fed those who were physically thirsty with hot chocolate and spiritually thirsty with an awesome street lesson! (read below)
  • Day #3 had work clothes in our car just in case! and focused on listening and being genuinely concerned about the well being of others. 
  • Day #4 (today) we woke up early and scraped a ton of our neighbors cars :)

So one of the miracles that happened is this guy Joshua came up to our Hot Chocolate booth. We had met him before at our previous booth and we invited him to learn and gave him a Book of Mormon and he took it but said he probably wouldn't really read it. But then he asked a bit later what the "Latter-Day Saints" were. Sooooo we taught him the Restoration and he was eating it up!!! He loved it. The spirit was so strong. It is especially strong every time we teach about the First Vision :) He then asked how we receive forgiveness -  so we taught the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson! We asked him then if he was more interested in reading the Book of Mormon and he said he really was! SO COOL!

Okay... now for my title!...This week was such a strange week of being randomly asked out and hit on 3 different times! haha. (don't worry nobody creepy) One of our new investigators messaged me a big message saying he didn't know how to put this but he just had to say it. One line in it said: "could I take you out for coffee or lunch when you aren't serving the Lord?" ....With Sister Morrison's help, we explained that we are in full-time service to the Lord and that that is our whole purpose right now. He was super nice and apologized and we said it was okay. We then panicked because we didn't know how to turn it back to the gospel, but really wanted to, so we just said: "It's alright. Do you still want to learn about Christ?" We didn't know what else to do!

So After a Tough Day.....We got ICE CREAM!!!

Also, HUGE thank you to all the primary kids who wrote me!! It made me SO SO SO HAPPY!! I was laughing and smiling and crying as I read all those notes:) Really, these children are such an example of Christlike love and innocence. I was thrilled to get to read all these letters and really so touched by the love they expressed to me even though many of them hardly know me! I was really uplifted by these letters and I needed them more than those children will ever know :) Thank you to the primary leaders who put that all together :)

I hope everyone is having a great time doing light the world service!!!!!! :)

Love You!!


Sister Brady