Monday, November 27, 2017

Week 18 - Merry Thanksgiving and Happy Christmas!

Happy Thanksgiving wonderful friends and family of mine!! I hope you had a fantastic week and are feeling happy and chubby and grateful :)

At this ship that they are rebuilding to look like "Maine's first Ship"

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY AMAZING BEAUTIFUL MOTHER!!!!!! I love her so so very much and she is practically perfect-at least to me :) So if any of you haven't been able to yet give her a big birthday hug from me :)

So, it is simultaneously Thanksgiving and Christmas in our apartment right now because we just really love the holidays and we love all the cutesy decor we have so we are just leaving it all up for the time being :)

Our Completed Thankful Tree

So this week was all about being grateful !!! And also preparing for December and the Church's #lighttheworld campaign! So great!

We had two Thanksgivings! One with Fredrick and Thankful and some of their friends/family. Which was really nice!...china and chandeliers and healthy food and some really funny company! We shared our Thankful Tree and introduced them to the Book of Mormon and shared a scripture from it. :)

For our second Thanksgiving we brought our investigator Lynne with us to the Derrs home and we were all snuggled in to a little kitchen and had a lot of good food and a lot of AMAZING desserts! Both were very different, but both were wonderful :)

This will be short this week because we just found out we are having a district p-day so I won't have my whole email time. Sad news Robin didn't come to church so we have to push her baptism date...

Here are the highlights of the week:

  • Fletch came to church and was super involved and had a great time in gospel principles 
  • Thanksgiving x2!
  • Exchanges with Sister Gremillion
    • I adore her! We have so so much fun!! We walked super far in the rain and were completely drenched! But we also got 4 new investigators just on that exchange so that was awesome!

  • Last Monday we did glow in the dark volleyball for FHE and we thought we were cool so we took some pictures in the dark! haha

  • Miracle!....Well, there are miracles all the time, but here is one I will tell about: We contacted this former investigator named Kendall who had been dropped because missionaries had stopped coming by (what!? lame!) So we went and knocked 3 times but he didn't answer, so we started knocking on his neighbor's door to ask about him and....what do you know?..Kendall then opened his door! He asked if we were "from the church" and he got so excited and said he was hoping we would come by. He asked how the prophet was doing and said he had some questions! He said that right then wasn't a good time, but asked if we could come back tomorrow! What!?..Crazy! We hope this this leads somewhere great!
  • Got the CUTEST Christmas Package!!!!!! SO pumped!
  • Sister Morrison and I jammed out to some spiced up primary songs
  • 28 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bridge that leads to Woolwich

5 things I am grateful for this year ( in no particular order)

  1. The Book of Mormon: Seriously. So amazing. Our whole lifestyle is centered upon the validity of this Book and I can testify that it is true. I feel the spirit when I study it. I come closer to Christ and I can become more like Him.
  2. Family and Technology: Email is the best this ever pretty much. 
  3. Prophets and Apostles: I was thinking of this extra because of the AMAZING face-to-face on-line live event last week. We are so so blessed to have apostles so in tune with the spirit and God's will to help us know what He wants us to do in this crazy world.
  4. Food: yep!
  5. Christ: I love my Savior. I am so grateful for the chance to wear His name over my heart every day. He is really the Light of the World and the Light in My Life. I am so grateful for the things I have seen and felt lately that have helped me come to know Him even more deeply.

I love you all dearly!!!!

MERRY THANKSGIVING AND HAPPY CHRISTMAS (because basically we have just mixed them together).

Love, Sister Brady

......Picture of how we found the Elders after we came back from hiding their car...

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