Monday, November 20, 2017

Week 17 - Thankful Tree!

Hello Wonderful Family and Friends!

I look super tired, but... some of my FAV ward members!!! (we decided to be glasses triplets)

The highlight of this week was for sure our Thankful Tree! If any of your are on Facebook and friends with my missionary account than you probably already know all about it-but for those of you who aren't I will explain!.......

So there is a HUGE push for creative finding ideas here. Really, we are moving away from tracting, especially with the social media push. And neither of my companions or Sister Training Leaders that I go on exchanges with like tracting - so I have actually never done it. (But we still knock on doors of potential people and promising former investigators). We find most of our people through street contacting and just being around the town and inviting people to learn! So, a big thing in a couple other areas is Street Booths!

So we decided to make a booth of our own! We teamed up with the Elders and created the idea for a Thankful Tree - similar to what I did in my Best Buddies Club up at college! People would write what they are grateful for on a leaf and add it to the tree that we made. And also got free hot cocoa and pumpkin cookies :) People LOVED IT!

So many people asked what we were doing, why we were doing it, and who we were. We were able to share so much and have so many quality gospel conversations and get contact info,  and AH it was so great! I love love love being a missionary! It was so fun!

We are still adding to the tree this week so if anyone would like me to make them a leaf let me know! 

And fun surprise!...President and Sister Blair showed up to the Tree!!! So fun!! We really felt special to have that visit and support from them! And the owner of the store came and personally thanked us and told us how much she loved what we were doing and what we stand for! It is really fun because people are really started to get to know us (for example the guy at the grocery store today got me my spinach because he knew exactly what I was looking for and what brand I liked haha) 

Anyway a couple highlights from some lessons this week: 

We had the opportunity to testify really strongly of Joseph Smith to Mick - and that was really cool because that is a piece of my testimony I have been working on. But I got to share how I went to Carthage and felt of the spirit there and how I know that he died for the work of the Lord. Mick also let us know that while he was out of town this week he was bringing his Book of Mormon (he is in Mosiah) and that he is spending the weekend in SLC - fun right!   

We also had a really wonderful spiritual experience while testifying of the Book of Mormon to Fredrick and Thankful. I brought my personal copy that I have grown up reading and bore testimony to them that it truly is a book that radiates with the spirit and persuades me to do good and draws me unto Christ and I know it is of God. Super cool.

We are SO excited about the Holiday Season! Pray for some Christmas (and Thanksgiving) miracles and that we can have some wonderful children of God have the desire to be baptized!!! 

Couldn't Resist buying this Christmas Sweater!.....I Love Christmas sooo much!

I am SO THANKFUL for you all!!!!!

P.S. MY BROTHER JACKSY IS GOING TO BE 16 TOMORROW WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!  I really think that this is the hardest thing to miss is his 16th birthday and his first date that he had this week.. but so so happy for him :). 

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