Monday, November 13, 2017

Week 16 - The winds of Change....Literally

Happy Monday Everybody!!!

So this week I didn't do my cute little 1 sentence summaries of each day with all the cute emoji,  so this week's format will be kind of boring.. sorry!

But yes big changes! 

The first part of this week was mostly devoted to visiting investigators and ward members so that Sister Anderson could say bye to them. It was super fun to see so many people and do a lot of quick visits. It was also really cool for me to take a second to realize how much I love all these people. I am so grateful that God allowed our paths to cross and that I still get to see them.

It was really sweet at the soup kitchen that we help at on Tuesdays - they had a big farewell speech dedicated to Sister Anderson and Pastor Bill just praised us Sister Missionaries so much and it was "Soup"-er cute -  haha!

On Wednesday we had our big weekly planning session and while we were saying our prayer to open the session I was thanking Heavenly Father for Sister Anderson and I just started balling - super sad. But it is just because I love her so much!  We also got ice cream to wish her farewell.

We spent the night in NH in a city that starts with a D-I think - Durham or something? Dover maybe?

Then went to transfer meeting.....WOW! It was so different than the first time I was there getting my assignment to Sister Anderson and to my area. The first time I felt so lost and that I didn't know everyone and this time I was so surprised at how many people I knew (mostly because a bunch were from my flight group out here). 

But I got my new companion! Sister Morrison! She is adorable and such a sweetheart! She was kind of quiet the first couple days, but today we have just talked and talked all day and have really gotten to know each other better! I am way excited for what this transfer has in store!

Yesterday church was really, really good. None of our investigators came - so that was sad. But it also gave me the chance to focus on what the speakers were saying and how it applies to me.

At the end of the pamphlets that we use there is a little section about what our services are like and it is entitled: "Worship with us". That, in addition to Elder Bednar's talk this last general conference about temple attendance and Sabbath Day worship really got me thinking. I really want to make my time during the sacrament a time to worship my Savior. I tried to pray extra intently and I felt strongly to really listen to the talks. The first was on Sister Joy Jones' talk on our worth. It is a really good talk that we have shown a lot of people and I think it gave me the self-esteem boost that I needed. 

The second talk was about how we can do hard things. And it was super powerful! We can do hard things - that's what we are designed to do is hard things. And God will help us as we engage in them. Maybe we totally rock it. Maybe we don't. Maybe that's okay!

Being out here and teaching about the purpose of life has allowed me to feel a lot of peace. We are here to do our best and to learn and to always strive to improve. We aren't perfect and that is okay. And other people aren't perfect and because of Christ - we can forgive them. Christ is the reason it is okay.

On the way to transfer meeting Sister Anderson and I had a good conversation about what we want for this transfer. What I want out of this transfer is to keep Christ at the forefront of my mind and heart always. To keep my baptismal and sacrament covenant to Always Remember Him. And I know I am not going to be perfect at it - but that isn't a reason to not try. So I am going to get on my knees and pray for help with it each morning as I put on my tag which bears Christ's name.  

As I was explaining this goal to Sister Anderson - I felt the spirit so strongly. I felt a peace wash over me and my name tag almost felt like it pressed closer to my heart and I felt Christ's presence. Which is what I want to strengthen. I believe that as I do this and as I consecrate my efforts, my area will continue to progress - at whatever rate the Lord sees fit.

I would like to invite all to add an extra focus these next 6 weeks on trying to keep our baptismal covenant to Always Remember Him. And take actions of faith to make that happen!

I love you all and I love our Savior Jesus Christ.  

Love, Sister Brady

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